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Custom Pet Bowls - As Seen on Good Morning America

Very fast and prompt service. Accuracy was spot on. Definitely would do business again.

Great service!! I would definitely order from them again. They even included candy in my box as a thank you!

Service was exceptional. Product arrived on-time and packages appropriately. They even put a nice little token of gratitude in the box for purchasing from them. Great idea! - Mark W

My stamp was just as I ordered it. I was very pleased with the design of it also. I would definitely use the company again.

I was a bit concerned ordering from a company I had never used before online. I ordered a personalized stamp one afternoon. Later in the day I got a an e-mail that said the stamp had been made and was getting ready to be shipped. Two days later it arrived. Incredibly fast service. I will certainly use them again if I need anything personalized.

My stamp arrived early, and it was exactly as it was shown on the website. It works well and was an excellent value.

Very simple process and the end result was exactly what I expected! Great product for a great price!

100 percent painless. Adjusted my company's logo slightly for a better display in the ink stamp format at no additional cost. Simple, straight forward process. Approachable awesome staff.

Was a pleasure working with them. Placing another order today. Their customer service was impeccable and got back to me immediately to fix my error on the order I placed. Thanks!

The order process was perfect and smooth. The delivery was fast with no problems and the stamp looks great! Customer service responded quickly and happily to my question.

Quick shipping, product exactly as described. Would definitely shop here again.

Quick shipping, affordable, stamp turned out great!

Customer service was quick and efficient, produced a proof for me and had my order delivered the day after I approved the proof.

Ordering was very easy. One reason I chose Simply Stamps is because they made it easy to upload your logo, type in the words you wanted on the stamp, then order. This was the easiest process of any stamp site I checked.

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Custom Rubber Stamps: Self-inking, Pre-inked & Hand Stamps Made in the USA

Simply Stamps is a top manufacturer of rubber stamps, providing pre-inked, self-inking and hand stamps to local Jacksonville customers since 1954. launched in 2003 and our custom rubber stamps and embossers became available to customers across the United States and Canada. Our family-owned business is a market leader in personalized, self-inking, pre-inked and wood handle stamps. We provide quality rubber stamps for personal, business and craft use.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide and constantly growing selection of stamps and embossers with our speedy promise – order today and your stamp will ship NEXT BUSINESS DAY. Plus we offer free shipping on orders over $49.

Custom Logo Stamps

For businesses: choose from our dater stamps, deposit stamps, and other business efficiency stamps. They’re perfect for banks, mortgage companies, insurance agents, real estate, other professions and general office stamps. We also have a wide selection of professional use stamps for architects, engineers, and notaries. We also have custom logo stamps available so you can brand your business easily and cost effectively. Stamp your logo on business cards, retail shopping bags, letterhead, and other business communications.

Personal Use Stamps

For personal use: choose from our monogram and address stamps to stamp your thank you cards, party invitations, save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, bills, or everyday correspondence. We have a wide selection of trendy and classic designs for you to choose from. We also pride ourselves on having a huge selection of theme stamps available for truly unique stamping. Need a funny stamp? Need a political stamp? Simply Stamps has you covered with a wide selection of stamp designs.

For crafts: Simply Stamps is currently adding to our wood handle stamps and wood block stamps for crafters. Use our stamps for scrapbooking, card making, home décor, DIY projects, and other paper crafts. Craft stamps are also perfect for adding personal touches to a birthday party theme of your choice. Shop our craft stamps: more designs are added daily!

Rubber Stamp Selection
Simply Stamps: The Largest Selection of Stamps on the web. Speedy Production. Order Today, Ships Next Business Day. Free shipping over $49

Your Stamp, Your Way. Our Stamp Customization Process.

Every rubber stamp on our website is fully customizable so you can get your stamp, your way. Our talented team of graphic designers have created classic designs, as well as captured all the trends. We have thousands of stamps to choose from! All you need to do is choose your favorite design, enter your personalization information, and submit your order. It’s that simple! We guarantee that your stamp or embosser will arrive just as you customized it. If there is any issue with your order, we will correct it! If you need a proof, please request one during your ordering process.

Made in the USA

Your personalized stamp design goes through the following process:

  1. 1. Your information is proofread and verified for accuracy.
  2. 2. It gets loaded into our specialty software and plotted along with the other designs in today’s queue.
  3. 3. Depending on your selection, your stamp will be laser engraved or created from polymer.
  4. 4. When your stamp die is made, our stamp craftsman assemble your stamp die on the stamper of your choice – whether this be a self-inking, pre-inked or traditional wooden handle stamp.

Which Stamp is Right for you? Available Types of Stamps.

When you’ve been customizing rubber stamps since 1954, you know a thing or two about putting stamp designs on stamp bodies. Rest assured that we are going to choose the right process for you and make the right recommendations. We have tremendous relationships with the makers of the stamp bodies themselves – so we are always working towards getting the newest stamp innovation on the market. For your stamp knowledge, there are three main categories of stamps that Simply Stamps offers:

  1. 1. Self-inking stamps
  2. 2. Pre-inked stamps
  3. 3. Wood handle and wood block rubber stamps (these contain no ink)

Simply Stamps inventories the largest selection of stamp bodies on the market, providing the latest models of self-inking and pre-inked. We stock thousands of stamps. Here is more information about each category.

Self-Inking Stamps

Ideal: Ideal self inking rubber stamps have been a favorite in the marketplace for years. Ideal makes a great, all-around rubber stamper, built with quality in mind. Die and ink pad replacements are very simple and most Ideal stamps offer multiple locking positions. The Ideal 400R is the stamp we use for most round return address stamp designs.

Trodat: One of the largest stamp machine manufacturers in the world, Trodat has brought many innovations to the market including carbon neutral products, mobile pocket stamps, colored rubber stampers & much more. Their latest designs are lightweight and easy to use, with an attractive and sophisticated look. Many of the rectangular stamp designs we produce, especially business logo stamps and address stamps, are set in Trodat Printy machines.

2000 Plus: Manufactured by COSCO Industries, 2000 Plus stamps are best known for their Green Line eco-friendly stamp machines which are made from 80% post-consumer recycled plastic and come in 100% unbleached paper fiber packaging.

Max Stamp: Many of our customer's square designs are set in Max Stamp machines. These self inkers are best known for their transparent impression viewing window which allows you to see exactly where your stamp is being placed and lets you watch your stamp in action.

Shiny: This manufacturer has been on the market since 1957 (almost as long as we have). Shiny originally started as a manufacturer of numberers and daters with their first self-inking stamp being developed and released in 1988. These stampers come in a wide variety of sizes.

Pre-Inked Stamps

Like self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps are refillable and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The main difference is in the quality and number of impressions each stamp provides. Pre-inked stamps use oil-based ink which permeates through the back of a specialized porous rubber. This process offers an excellent, crisp impression slightly superior to that produced by a self-inking stamp. Think of pre-inked stamps as the Cadillac of the Stamp world. Pre-inked stamps will also offer thousands of additional impressions before re-inking is required. The only drawback is that fast, multiple impressions (one after another) tend to fade as the ink needs a few seconds to be pulled through the die.

XStamper: XStamper produces some of the best pre-inked stamps on the market. Time tested and proven in the field, these ink stamps will provide you thousands of impressions for many years. Every XStamper that leaves our facility is made by hand under strict guidelines and quality control.

UltiMark: Manufactured by Trodat, UltiMark is another quality pre-inked stamp machine used by Simply Stamps. UltiMark stamps provide a large index window and give clean, crisp impressions. They are re-inkable and come with a snap on dust cover tray for protection and to make sure the ink only goes where you want it to, no mess.

MaxLight: These pre-inked stamps are used for our largest designs as they come in the biggest sizes while providing the same quality impressions as our other models. As we often say around here, if you're going big, go MaxLight.

Embossing Seals, Date Stamps, Logo Stampers & Inks

Embossing Seals: Simply Stamps has a few go-to products that our customers order time and time again. Notaries and businesses tend to order our professional stamps but embossing seals are also quite popular for wedding, home décor, crafting, and personal use. Use our embossing seals for stationery and all your paper needs. They are solid, heavy weight construction and are not too bulky on your desk!

Dater Stamps

Dater Stamps: Even in the age of "digital everything" and the move away from paper, offices are still using business stamps and dater stamp – especially when they feature custom text or logos. Simply Stamps has a wide selection of dater stamps, in various sizes to meet your office needs.

Business Logo Stamps

Business Logo Stamps: We create thousands of logo stamps each month. Customers love being able to return address stamp their business on their thank you notes, letterhead, business cards, and other brand collateral materials. Business stamps are a cost effective way to market your brand and communicate your business identity.

Inks and Ink Refills: With our pre-inked and self-inking stamps, you are sure to get a lot of stamp impressions (depending on the stamp, you’ll get 1,000 to 5,000 stamp impressions) but when you need to re-ink your stamps or buy a replacement pad, Simply Stamps has you covered. If you are looking for a particular ink color and don’t happen to see it, please contact our customer service department as we most likely have it in our warehouse.

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