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think big stamp simpleIn an age of mass production and mass importing, it’s nice to know that there are some things that are still made by hand, here in America. Since 1954 Simply Stamps has been producing custom rubber stamps for customers all across the United States. While our company and product line has definitely grown over the years, our core values haven't changed. Over the course of the last six decades, our family-owned business has been the market leader in personalized address stamps, deposit stamps, daters, and office stamps. It is our attention to quality combined with our unique designs and ease of ordering that sets us apart from the competition.

Our Stamp Customization Process

At Simply Stamps, easily ordering rubber stamps online is a priority. Everything from our website layout to our original custom stamp designs has been tailored to you, our customer. Handing anyone a blank canvas and asking them to create a masterpiece from scratch is a tall order. That's why we have invested in the best local artists to create one-of-a-kind designs which are ready for your customization. All you need to do is choose your favorite stamp design (or designs), enter in the information you want displayed on the stamp and submit your order. It’s just that simple!

laser cut rubber stamp dies

Once we receive your order and customization, we immediately get to work! Your unique design is proofread and loaded into our specialty software then plotted along with the other designs in today's queue. Depending on the size and style of your stamp, your design will be either laser engraved in specialty stamping rubber or created from clear polymer using light, heat and a bit of magic. When your design has been transformed into a stamp die it is then attached to the stamper of your choice: self-inking, pre-inked or traditional wooden handled stamp.

Orders placed today are shipped on the next business day. This has been our promise to you since the very beginning. All customization, manufacturing, shipping and customer service takes place right here in the United States.

Available Self Inking Brands

When you've been in the rubber stamp business since 1954 you learn a few things, such as which self inking stamp works best for which design and situation. Our customer's happiness has always come first and if we know that one particular brand will work better for you than another, you can rest assured that we'll make the right call. That's why Simply Stamps offers more self inking rubber stamp brands than any other company. Here are some of our favorites, just to name a few:

Ideal 400R round address stamps

Ideal: Ideal self inking rubber stamps have been a favorite in the marketplace for years. These are great all-around stampers, built with quality in mind. Die and ink pad replacements are very simple and most Ideal stamps offer multiple locking positions. The Ideal 400R is the stamp we use for most round return address stamp designs.

Trodat: One of the largest stamp machine manufacturers in the world, Trodat has brought many innovations to the market including carbon neutral products, mobile pocket stamps, colored stampers & much more. Many of the rectangular stamp designs we produce, especially business logo stamps, are set in Trodat Printy 4912 machines.

2000 Plus: Manufactured by COSCO Industries, 2000 Plus stamps are best known for their Green Line eco-friendly stamp machines which are made from 80% post-consumer recycled plastic and come in 100% unbleached paper fiber packaging.

Max Stamp: Many of our customer's square designs are set in Max Stamp machines. These self inkers are best known for their transparent impression viewing window which allows you to see exactly where your stamp is being placed and lets you watch your stamp in action.

Shiny: This manufacturer has been on the market since 1957 (almost as long as we have). Shiny originally started as a manufacturer of numberers and daters with their first self-inking stamp being developed and released in 1988. These stampers come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors and are among our favorites.

Available Pre-Inked Stamps

address stamp design samples

Like self inking stamps, pre-inked stamps are refillable and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The main difference is in the quality and number of impressions each stamp provides. Pre-inked stamps use oil-based ink which permeates through the back of a specialized porous rubber. This process offers an excellent, crisp impression slightly superior to that produced by a self inking stamp. Pre-inked stamps will also offer thousands of additional impressions before re-inking is required. The only drawback is that fast, multiple impressions (one after another) tend to fade as the ink needs a few seconds to be pulled through the die.

XStamper: XStamper produces some of the best pre-inked stamps on the market. Time tested and proven in the field, these stamps will provide you thousands of impressions for many years. Every XStamper that leaves our facility is made by hand under strict guidelines and quality control.

UltiMark: Manufactured by Trodat, UltiMark is another quality pre-inked stamp machine used by Simply Stamps. UltiMark provides a large index window giving you a clear indication of where your impression will be made.

MaxLight: These pre-inked stamps are used for our largest designs as they come in the biggest sizes while providing the same quality impressions as our other models. As we often say around here, if you're going big, go MaxLight.

Embossing Seals, Date Stampers & Inks

Notaries and businesses are not the only people relying on quality embossers these days. Embossing seals have grown in popularity with the boom in home crafting, thanks in part to websites like Etsy, Pinterest and ArtFire. Unique embossed designs have become extremely popular among scrapbook enthusiasts, stationary creators and even custom hand-made product designers. Solid, heavyweight construction allows a professional quality look and feel while not being too bulky for your work space.

trodat dater stamp

Nearly all of the self inking stamp machine manufacturers mentioned above also make date stampers. Trodat, Shiny and PSI are some of the most popular. Even in an age of "digital everything" nearly every company finds the need for a dater stamp, especially when it features custom text. All of the daters we create are made by hand with the same attention to detail and quality you've come to expect from Simply Stamps.

When it is time to re-ink your stamps, be sure you only use stamping ink pre-approved by your stamp manufacturer. Simply Stamps carries the largest variety of stamp inks on the market, and at some of the best prices you will find anywhere. We make ordering ink pads and bottles as easy as ordering stamps. Nearly every ink we carry is listed on our site. If you are looking for a particular stamp ink and don't happen to see it, please contact our customer service department as we most likely have it in our warehouse.

Snap A Pic!

See a great stamp and you want one just like it? Simply snap a pic with your iPhone or Android device and email it to One of our stamp designers will reply with a proof and help you complete your order.
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Helpful Stamp Videos

Watch Videos How to videos: Helpful videos on how to re-ink your self-inking stamp, or how to change the die on your stamp.

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Special Stamp Requests

Special Request Have a special rubber stamp request? We can make virtually ANY stamp design at no added cost. Most orders ship next day!

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