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Bah Humbug Grinch Custom Rubber Stamp

Okay we admit it, sometimes all the Christmas cheer can be a bit much. For times like these, we like to break out our Bah Humbug Grinch Custom Rubber Stamp! You don’t need to be a mean and green to want some peace during the busiest time of the year, not everyone can be filled with the Christmas spirit all the time! So to help you get your mountain of gifts labeled, we’ve created this stamp to help you label them in a flash so you can have more time to yourself! Want your friends to be positively green with envy? Why not try our green ink color and make your Grinch really pop! Multiple sizes are available, which is grinch news!

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Design SKU: HOCH_1002

Bah Humbug Grinch Custom Rubber Stamp

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Bah Humbug Grinch Custom Rubber Stamp
Do your friends and family refer to you as the Scrooge or the Grinch of the group when it comes to the holidays? Maybe you are? Or maybe you just want to capitalize on the more villainous holiday characters. Poke fun at their jokes with this custom Grinch holiday rubber stamp! Use this rubber stamp to create your own Christmas gift labels this holiday season and save a enough for a true who-ville Christmas complete with roast beast!