Turner: The Rubber Stamp Eating Pup!

This is “Turner.” Turner’s owner is a woman named Megan who after sifting through our vast assortment of custom address stamps, she came across one that struck her eye. It was love at first sight and she bought it on the spot.


IMG_3006Now Megan’s dog Turner is a lot of fun. They take walks, go to the park, and play together on a regular basis. Turner loves to play with the toys that Megan brings him. They’ll play fetch, and he’ll chew and

chew on his toys lovingly, and Megan is happy that he’s happy in his home. Well naturally, you can see where this is going…

On the day


that Megan’s custom address stamp arrived, she was just so excited that her excitement rubbed off on Turner!

“It must be a new toy!!” Turner thought to himself, “what else could cause this much excitement?!…But wait!! Mommy doesn’t play with toy’s! IT MUST BE A NEW TOY FOR ME!! AND SHE CAN’T WAIT  FOR US TO PLAY TOGETHER!!”

Well when Megan opened the box, she inspected this “toy” and satisfied, she set it down on her desk and walked away. Turner was confused- he didn’t want to wait, and he didn’t understand why it was not given to him immediately. So without hesitation, Turner walked over to the desk, picked up the self inking address stamper with his mouth, and walked off with it.

A few days later, Megan needed to send a birthday card to her cousin. Once she had the envelope all ready to go, she reached for her address stamp to put the finishing touches on the envelope, but to her surprise, it was gone! Megan searched high and low, but the new stamper was nowhere to be found.

A few days later, as she was moving furniture around to clean under, she came across a most peculiar sight:photo


Turner was confused, and Megan was upset. But Megan was a smart girl, so instead of getting mad, she called us here at SimplyStamps.com headquarters and explained what had happened and asked if there was anything we could do. By the end of the conversation both Megan and our friendly customer service team, were all smiles and couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. In the end, we offered her a healthy discount in exchange for pictures and permission to use them as well as her story. She readily agreed and we wasted no time in shipping a replacement stamp to her as soon as possible.

And Turner went back to chewing on normal things for dogs to chew on like toys, fences, and turtles…well not to say that chewing on turtles is normal- but then again who ever heard of a dog chewing on a self-inking rubber stamp? But oh what a cute puppy!!



IMG_2238***Sidenote: Megan mentioned to us that Turner was a rescue dog that she picked up from her local animal shelter. Please keep these wonderful , and often overlooked animals, in mind when searching for a new family pet or best friend. These animals have so much love to give- they just need to be given a chance! So whether you’re looking for dogs, cats, or maybe a more exotic pet, please check out your local shelter. Here at simplystamps.com we’re animal people, numerous employees even have photos of their pets on their desk. As it stands right now, we even offer custom dog inspired address stamps in 32 different breeds for all of our fellow animal lovers out there!

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