Teacher Appreciation Week Here at SimplyStamps

4232103770_26e82a77d9_zEvery year around this time, the weather cools in the mornings and my car is coated in a solid layer of dew. Wind whispers through the trees causing leaves to swirl and stir and take up residence on the ground. And every so often, when the atmosphere is just right, I can smell the faint hints of a scent I have come to know as the beginnings of fall. An earthy, crisp scent with hints of warm sunshine and musk from the surrounding trees, fill my nostrils and make me want to run home to make cinnamon pumpkin muffins and light a caramel apple scented candle.

Children abandon the streets, cul-de-sacs, parking lots, restaurants, and stores leaving them again to the adults who frequent them daily and again everything is quiet. No longer do they oversleep, instead they rise with the sun and send parents scampering about their kitchens preparing breakfasts and lunches and ensuring that the kids have brushed their teeth and are not wearing dance recital tutu’s or superhero costumes. Lunches are finished or money handed out- as the kids rush to catch the bus or jump into the car while Mom or Dad sets out to conquer the treacherous carpool lane at school. But eventually the children are gone and tucked neatly away in their new desks and all is peaceful again- for at least a few hours a day until May.

But who are these blessed people who take responsibility for these children when their parents are off at work making the money necessary to pay for little Susie to be a ballerina or Tommy to be a karate master? Alas, they are the overworked, underpaid educators of this country who have made it their life’s work to see to it that every child receives a thorough education in all things essential to succeed in a world after school. These educators ensure that your children can read, write, perform complex mathematical equations (that you can’t even figure out), and have a basic knowledge of United States history, geography and science all while helping them to solidify social and problem solving skills that will influence the rest of their lives. Sounds intense doesn’t it?

Every fall teachers across the country, amass their lesson plans, arrange classroom binders, stock up on mass amounts of ground coffee and K-Cups, and set up their back_to_schoolclassrooms based on their scanty allotted budgets, while compiling a list of school supplies their students will need to supply for themselves- as well as a list of welcome donations such as tissue boxes, to ensure the class survives the mass of colds that winter brings every year.

As Mom’s, Dad’s, and citizens in general, we owe a great deal to our nations educators. We owe them for the education of our children, the excitement that flits across children’s faces when they finally grasp that elusive math concept, our children’s social lives, and if everything works out well all that scholarship money that will hopefully come after graduation- not to mention all the quiet afternoons and the knowledge that even though the kids may be out of sight they are far from out of mind. We are comforted by the fact that they are safe and (hopefully) staying out of trouble.of ground coffee and K-Cups, and set up their classrooms based on their scanty allotted budgets, while compiling a list of school supplies their students will need to supply for themselves- as well as a list of welcome donations such as tissue boxes, to ensure the class survives the mass of colds that winter brings every year.

Online Teacher Sta#A1EB06So why don’t we help our teachers out? These men and women dedicate their lives to helping our kids succeed and giving us more time to spend together as a family. Not to mention they take care of our kids all day, giving us time to deal with the rest of what life throws at us without having to worry about little Jamie or Susie. Here at SimplyStamps.com we want to help by giving a little back to our teachers. With that being said, we’ve uploaded over 100 new teacher specific stamps to help out our educator friends by saving time and getting out from behind that desk sooner. Just in time for the new school year, we have grading rubric stamps, positive and negative feedback stamps, stamps to mark lateness, and even stamps asking for a parent signature. We’re offering a vast variety of different themes, styles, and statements to make both teachers as well as their students smile.

And right now as an added bonus, we’ve decided to offer our first ever bundle option in celebration of the new school year which is now available for purchase from our online store! This groundbreaking set is compiled of five of our newest and most noteworthy teacher stamps! This collection, offers personality, creativity, variation and leaves teachers feeling prepared for any grading situation! With this bundle, we are offering a clever pun or two, an excited star, a “LATE” stamp, and an owl inspired signature required stamp. On a budget? Don’t worry about it- we’ve got you covered! If you head on over to visit our website and provide us with your email address, you’ll get an instant coupon!

But as proud as we are of our collections, we need your help to spread the word! As much as we love being able to help out our educators in any way that we can, we still love it when we see non-teachers buying our stamps and giving them as gifts. Here at SimplyStamps.com we’re making this teacher appreciation week, so help us say thanks to our country’s finest educators for dedicating their lives to our futures.

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