Quick and Easy DIY Business Cards


Hey guys! Here’s a cool idea for all you Do-It-Yourself-er’s out there in the blogging world from SimplyStamps.com! In today’s market, it’s no surprise that times are tough, and while we keep hearing how things are improving, it still may take us a little while to see those improvements in our bank accounts. Therefore every little bit that we can do to cut our costs and still promote our products is a definite win!

So what exactly is an address stamp? While we’re all aware of address stickers, address stamps are far less time consuming, non messy (that’s right, I said NOT messy), easy to use with no annoying backings to peel off or rip, and most importantly they LAST. With address stamps, you no longer need to order rolls of stickers, only to rip at least a third of them and constantly have to reorder them from shady online retailers or equally shady companies who stick their ads in the weekly SmartSource or redplum coupon flyers.

In today’s world, it is so easy for a person’s information to get stolen- which brings me to another point, if buying online or over the phone, always buy from a trusted seller!!! In the past few years, address stamps are being used a lot more. They’re different, and add a unique touch your outgoing mail, either for the holidays or just because. It’s also a cool way for an entire family to be represented on a card as opposed to just one or two members.

Ok, so now that you know a little about the address stamp itself, let’s work on turning it into a business card template. And believe me, it’s a lot less daunting than it may sound.


For this project you will need:

A Ruler


Cardstock (Keep in mind 12 cards can be made out of a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock)

An address stamp

The cardstock will work as our business card itself; you can either go to your local craft store like Michaels, or you can order it offline from somewhere like Amazon. On Amazon, I spent less than $15 including tax and shipping for 70 sheets (eq. to 840 business cards!). This is where you can really get creative! Instead of plain white cards, why not opt for something more eye popping like a neon or a pattern? Just be mindful of the ink color you plan on using for your stamp! Make sure your color choice will pop against your chosen cardstock. If you opt for a pattern on your cardstock make sure the letters are still legible and that the card doesn’t look overwhelmingly busy.

Once you’ve chosen your cardstock and cut it to your desired size (standard business card size is 3 in long and 2 in. wide), you will need your stamp (see link). Now this is where it gets interesting, when you go to buy your stamp this is where you can customize all of your information such as stamp size, type, and ink color (or no color, it’s up to you!). Personally I prefer the self-inking kind, they’re so easy and the ink lasts forever. The only drawback there is that if, I want a different color ink, I’m stuck unless I want to order another one in a different color. But what you want to do is completely up to you!

Once you decide on the design of the stamp you want, put your name or the name of your company in the name option and fill out the rest (opt for maybe substituting or condensing a line of text for a phone number or email address if you would like to include one). One final note on customizing your address stamp, when it comes to size, be careful not to have the stamp itself exceed the size of your index card, you should be safe sticking with the 2” option, unless you would prefer smaller. The cool thing about simplystamps is that they ship your order to you the next business day so you’re not stuck waiting a week for your purchase to even leave the building.

So with your cut out piece of cardstock and your address stamp in hand, have at it! Make sure you position your stamp the way you want it! You may want to get used to your stamp first by practicing a few times first, but you should be good to go from the start. And don’t be afraid to get creative! Why not experiment with your stamp positioning and make every card unique!Simply Stamp ADST

The great thing about this DIY Business Card technique is that if you find yourself in a pinch, you can just cut some more cards or run down to somewhere like Michaels and pick up some more cardstock. This is such a simple and fun idea! If you really want to get crazy, you could get even more stamps, be they decorative, or even a custom logo stamp and go crazy with different designs and styles.

Once you have your address stamp, you can continue pressing these cards day or night so you have them when you want them and never have to run out. And as an added bonus, if your business happens to be based out of your house, your address stamps can be used to maximize your efficiency at Christmas time with all those “Happy Holiday’s!” and “Thank you!” cards, not to mention every other time you send something out.

So good luck and happy crafting from your friends here at SimplyStamps.com- where shopping for stamps should never be complicated! And don’t forget to let us know how your cards turned out! Or if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions don’t hesitate to leave us a line or two below!

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