Fall-ing In Love

Fall LeavesOnce a year, we are gifted with the perfect season. Summer dies and as such, the air cools and eventually leads to a frigid chill. The leaves begin to turn and the sea of colors seemingly set fire to the sky- a sultry summer’s last goodbye.

And while some might argue that a state such as Florida doesn’t have a Fall season, we Floridians beg to differ. Fall is a magical time of year for us here full of mystery and wonder. Plagued with a sweltering heat for many months, we can finally cool off with whispering breezes that tingle our ever flip-flopping toes.

Our hair cooperates, skin becomes more smooth and is less temperamental, and on sometimes we can even turn the pumpkin patchA/C off, throw open the windows and bask in the crisp, cool fall air. There are fairs and carnivals, corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and pumpkin bread, and pumpkin spiced lattes, and pumpkin patches, and pumpkin- well you get the idea; there’s a lot of pumpkin!

Oftentimes during the fall, there are a slew of local events put together all over the country. It’s a great time to be outdoors! Here at SimplyStamps, we are huge proponents of getting involved with your local community. In times of stress and trial, going out and getting involved in one’s community can be a great boost to one’s mental state.

And what better time to get involved and go out and do- then in this beautiful weather! Like Goldilocks, Summer is just too hot, and winter can be just too cold, and fall is the perfect combination between the two.

So this beautiful Autumn season we encourage you to get out and research some community events and who knows- maybe you’ll even meet some new people! Maybe you’ll even get to know your neighbors! Because let’s face it, as the social media world evolves and people continue to get bogged down with the everyday stress of life- it’s easy to forget the simple things. Playing football in the yard with your kids, going on walks, trying out a new cuisine, going fishing, getting away on the weekends- the list goes on and on.

So this year, why not take a queue from the weather and shake things up!

fall carnival festival

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