Something Wicked This Way Comes…

Halloween night skyThe air grows chill and the night chases the sun down below the tree tops, every night dark settles in across the sky with increasing urgency. The moon is hanging lower and has taken on a ghoulish orange glow. Summer is dead and the trees shed their leaves- the remaining branches stretch out like skeletal fingertips to the sky. Something wicked this way comes…

For hundreds of years, people have celebrated the spook-tacular holiday known as Halloween, even though it was not always referred to as such. The origins of Halloween date back to the Gaelic festival of Samhain which occurred on November 1st of all days. The Celtic people believed that this day marked the start of the spiritual New Year. It was on this day that it was believed that the veil between the spirit and material world would be the thinnest and spirits of the dead often walked among the living. Ghosts, demons, and other supernatural entities were believed to walk the streets again and as such, great bonfires were built to keep them at bay.

As the holiday evolved, and the influence of the Catholic Church spread throughout the more pagan areas of Europe, missionaries were told to incorporate the pagan holidays with Christian beliefs and as a result, holidays such as Christmas and Halloween were born.devil stamp impression

Ultimately, the night became a day for all sorts of supernatural creatures to run around whether they consisted of your neighbor wearing a bed sheet or that demon skulking in the dark alley’s around town. Candy companies and the entertainment world took hold in the 1900’s, and today supermarkets across the country dedicate whole aisles to Halloween decorations, mass supplies of candy and costumes galore! Not to mention watching Hollywood movies such as Casper and Hocus Pocus have developed into a tradition around this time of year.

Here at we’ve also gone mad for the age old holiday. To celebrate, we did what we do best- we came up with new Halloween stamp designs! Vampires, pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and devils galore! We’ve created the perfect collection of Halloween stamps to suit your every possible Halloween need. We’ve created stamps perfect for customizing Halloween cards, Halloween party invitations, or even your little minions trick-or-treat bags.

Worried about cutting it too close to Halloween? Fret not! Our goal is to ensure that we ship your order the following business day after we receive it! We work hard to meet our goals in order to help you receive your shipment as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Don’t be afraid to be brew up something wickedly crafty and creative this Halloween. These Halloween stamp impressions will be sure to achieve their fang-tastic effects and leave you feeling positively ghoulishly great!


Halloween Cat

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