So What’s The Point of Halloween Stamps Anyway?

Halloween pumpkin jack o lanternsIf you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ then you’ve probably noticed that we’re on a bit of a Halloween kick as of late. And if you don’t follow us- what in the name of ghosts and goblins are you waiting for?! Anyway, lately our pages have been filled to the cauldrons brim with all sorts of autumn and Halloween inspired DIY’s, home décor, and spooky and savory recipes! I’ll wait while you open up a tab and check us out…

Back? Awesome-I’ll continue. Anyway, as you can see we love all things fall! And honestly who doesn’t? With the cooler temperatures, the never ending shortage of fun fairs and festivals, not to mention the multitudes of pumpkin recipes- the fall months are the best! So to celebrate, we here at, did what we do best- we made stamps!
We put our pumpkin shaped heads together, our talents to use, and came up with a whole page of new stamp designs just in time for Halloween! We promise this isn’t a trick but we certainly hope you find it to be a treat! But despite our best efforts, we’ve still received questions and comments asking us why we made them to begin with. Well if you happen to want more than just our reason for loving fall- we came up with some pretty creative uses for our newest stamp additions!Halloween Spider Stamp

Halloween Stamp Use #1

Our Halloween stamps can be used to create your own spook-tacular Halloween greeting cards! Have you been down the greeting card aisle at your local store lately? There is a card for just about everything; and let’s face it- who wants to spend $3.50 to say “Hi” to one person, just one time? By using stamps instead, you could buy a sheet of basic card stock in whatever color you want (because there are millions to choose from), spend less than $1 and have enough paper for at least 2 seasons greeting cards- if not more. Now for the best part- by purchasing 1 stamp, you can make thousands of impressions. That’s thousands of cards. Every year. No more overwhelming and expensive card aisles. Ever. Don’t waste your time trying to find the perfect quote or message in the card when you can come with something better yourself. You can get creative, be original, and smile a lot more thanks to all the money you’ll be saving.

Halloween Stamp Use #2

In keeping with the same DIY card stock-inspired activities, why not announce your annual Halloween party in style this year? All it would take is a few sheets of card stock, a pair of scissors, a printer, and of course a stamp. Don’t hesitate to get creative! Make your guests feel like they are going to a real event! Get creative with your message for a sure fire way to guarantee your unique style this season. P.S. a vintage handwritten script font would make a classically creepy touch!Halloween stamp invitation poem

Halloween Stamp Use #3. DIY Trick-Or-Treat bags! This would make a great craft project for you and the kids some evening after school or on a weekend! All you need is a paper bag, some everyday art supplies, and of course a stamp! Get creative with construction paper, glitter, paint and markers! When you have kids, there is never a shortage of arts and crafts materials at your disposal thanks to the never ending projects assigned. But because this isn’t a project for school, you can really let your kids have as much fun as they want! Just remember to lay newspapers down first so you’ll be able to keep the mess to a minimum and make clean-up a breeze!

This is also a great way to spend more time with your kids! In today’s economy, more and more kids are living in households where BOTH parents are off working during the day and family togetherness is becoming increasingly hard to come by. With the Holiday season quickly approaching, let’s make sure we here at and all of our friends, family, fans, and loyal customers- make time for the things that really matter- family, fun, and togetherness!

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