Candy Crush Saga Has Taken Over!

addicted to candy crushUnless you live under a rock, you’ve definitely heard about Candy Crush Saga- the sugary sweet match-3 game that has been melting brains since April 2012. With its vintage carnival-like cartoons, bright glossy candies, and a winding map full of intricate levels, this game has become the most popular Facebook game in the history of the social media site. The fact that the game’s candy crazed addicts can play the game on their phones has only added to the overall success of it and has given us all a massive “Sugar Crush”!candy crush saga

This game has been featured on billboards, and even major news stations- who are we to get in its way? Given that we’ve all developed this candy habit, we here at decided to do what we here do best- make stamps! Therefore we are now offering those quintessential phrases we have come to know and love “Sweet” Tasty” “Delicious” “Divine” and of course “Sugar Crush”!

gift jarNow, no doubt some of you are thinking “why?” but don’t worry there is a method to our madness! With the Holiday season coming up budgets can get a little tight. Thanks to countless DIY blogs and websites like Pinterest, the holidays have gotten a bit more affordable. In particular is a great idea to put tasty treats such as hot chocolate mixes, fresh baked cookies, or even cookie dough in decorated mason jars to give as gifts!  What a positively “Delicious” idea!

Use our collection of Candy Crush rubber stamps to make gift giving a little less painful for the pocket book this year by using them to create your own gift tags! Your friends and family will marvel at your creativity and ingenuity, and smile at your gift as well as the trendy tag that accompanies it!

Candy crush stamps

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