The Holiday Rush Has Arrived!

santa's list and elvesAs we approach Christmas, like Santa’s elves our work days at grow longer and our spirits lighter.

And as anyone in the business world could tell you, the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be more stressful than all the other weeks of the year put together. Shortages, orders flooding in faster and faster, not to mention those pesky seasonal colds that can cause workers to be out for days- there’s no telling what can happen! But despite everything, once it’s over and done, our work spaces cleaned up, and cozy sweaters on, ultimately it really is “the most wonderful time of the year”!holiday rush

And we’re not just saying that because of our profits! One of our CEO Bryan’s favorite quotes is that “True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition” (Herzberg). And while this quote holds true at year ‘round, it is especially true during the Holiday season. Despite the hard work, our factories glow with the warmth of our employee’s spirits, as well as with the positivity that comes with working in a company full of caring and respectful people. And when we encounter a massive amount of orders day after day and then we somehow manage to complete them- we feel proud of our hard work and steel our resolve to do even better the next day.

Because really, there is something to be said about a fun, friendly, family-type atmosphere- we take care of each other and never hesitate to give credit where credit is due. As a result we actually enjoy coming to work and interacting with all those who work as hard as they do to make the days enjoyable.

If you happen to work in the stamp industry during this time of year, your fingers may take on a wide array of ink colors, you may want to scream some days, but ultimately time will fly by and you’ll be left with a wonderful sense of accomplishment that can only be achieved by a job well done. But despite the hectic rush, we still somehow manage to have fun!

trodat ink
Our CFO Steve Fernandez having some fun with our friends from Trodat!

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