And A Happy New Year….

new years fireworksWith the New Year quickly approaching, it only stands to reason for us to sit back and reflect upon all the things (good or bad) that the New Year brought with it. Here at Simply Stamps we’ve had a big year! Babies have been born, pets have been adopted, new people have joined our Simply Stamps family, while others have moved on to pursue a different path. Ultimately however, our goals remain the same- to provide our customers with quality products, and customer service, while still maintaining a low-low price.

So what are our New Year’s resolutions? In sitting down with our humble CEO Mr. Bryan Croft, he‘s already got them all planned out!

  1. Make sure we continue to put out designs and products that our customers want.
  2. Make sure we have fun at work.
  3. Make sure we DON’T turn into this corporate giant-type company.
  4. Maintain and foster our creativity.
  5. NOT increase sales by XX % so we make more $$$ …more like, let’s keep our customers happy so we can keep having a job!

So what boss in their right mind shy’s away from increased sales? One that believes in quality and the importance of doing things right the first time. A quality that is often overlooked in today’s fast paced business world.

So what is going to happen in 2014? Who knows! But with great leadership and goals in sight we can rest assured that life here at will continue.

Happy Holidays and Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

new year

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