How to Be a Princess on Your Wedding Day Without A Family Fortune In 5 Steps

disney princess weddingThanks to the countless Disney movies playing through our brains since birth, all women (deny it if you can) have fantasies of getting to be a Princess for a day. The story is always the same; lonely girl, meets lonely boy, fall in love, overcome obstacles, and on their wedding day, the lonely, impoverish girl gets a serious makeover complete with glittering jewels, a stunningly beautiful dress that hugs all the right places, and looks overwhelmingly beautiful. princess weddingThis is what we call ‘wedding day magic’, and everyday there are women all over the world planning, primping, and spending obscene amounts of money all to recreate the childhood ideal of getting to be a Princess for one perfect day. Yes, thanks to Disney, Grace Kelly, Princess Di, and most recently Kate Middleton- the dream has never felt so close to reality as it does today.

But not every girl has a family fortune to spend, and not every girl is going to marry a prince, or even someone that can afford to pretend to be one even if it is just for one day. So for the rest of us trying to create perfection on a budget, websites like Pinterest and Etsy are here for support. After scouring the internet for the best wedding tips for a small budget, we thought we would help where we could.

1. Renting is your friend!

disney princess wedding
JJ’s House website

I simply cannot stress this enough! A wedding dress is for one day only! One day; and women spend thousands of dollars on a dress that is worn for fewer than 24 hrs. Why not just rent the dress instead? Now don’t get your panties all in a twist- chances are your daughter won’t want to wear your dress someday- she’ll want her own, just like you probably don’t want to wear your Mom’s dress. You will save so much money by choosing to rent your dress, plus you won’t need to deal with the added hassle of properly storing your dress after your big day. As an added bonus, you could get to wear a designer gown worth so much more than you were ever planning to spend in the first place for only a fraction of the cost! Think about it. Designer. Sounds good right? Websites like,, and even, make it possible to rent or buy not just your dress, but also your bridesmaids dresses, and mother of the bride’s dress at extremely low, and reasonable prices.

2. Stamp your invites and save the dates

diy lace doily wedding inviteWhen did paper with simple printed text on it become so expensive?! The Internet is littered with countless DIY Wedding invitations and Save the Date tutorials. Many brides these days have taken the handwritten route for a more personal touch. You could also purchase some plain white cardstock (inexpensive, and you can buy in BULK), and add a custom stamp can be beautiful for either your invitations or save the date announcements. makes creating your own wedding invites and save the dates easy with our wedding stamp page. Get with our designers and we’ll help you create something truly personal, memorable, and perfect for your big day!

Add a simple lace doily around the invitation and add a ribbon to tie it together and voila! Elegance and beauty on a budget! Envelopes can also be purchased in bulk, or even made from a simple sheet of paper.

custom wedding stamps

3. Buy at Whole Sale Prices and Save on Décor

It’s no secret that decorating a wedding is AT LEAST half the battle. The myth that once the dress is bought, it’s all downhill is nothing more than just that- a myth. Decorating, the actual place of the wedding, as well as the reception can not just be time consuming and exhausting, but also expensive. Flowers, candles, centerpieces, table cloths, lights, place cards can be a hassle. Luckily, there are ways around paying through the nose and donating precious plasma to still get your dream wedding décor for less! Websites like are gifts from the wedding gods! Hundreds, if not thousands, of vases, lights, flowers, fabric, candles, candle holders, lace, crystal decorations, and even standard craft materials are featured at amazingly low, low, LOW prices.

The recycle your wedding site is also a great place to find bargains. Let’s face it, all of the wedding decorations are for one day only, so what happens after that? Well the items are obviously still perfectly good, so why not sell some of the decorations and such online for others to use on their special day? By choosing to buy pre-owned décor, not only can you find some amazing deals, but you can also help someone else recover from the cost of their wedding (which I’m sure you can relate to).

save on crafts
Save on Crafts Website

4. Use spray paint to add color to your centerpieces

mason jar wedding decor
matte painted mason jar bouquet

Want a way to incorporate more color into your reception? This solution is by far the cheapest and easiest route I’ve come across- spray paint mason jars for centerpieces and add flowers-quick, easy, and affordable! For any of us who have ever ventured into the paint department at our local Lowes, or Home Depot, we know that the options are endless. Metallics, glitters, matte, and even chalkboard finishes are available and right at your fingertips. If you are also thinking of a nighttime reception and considering incorporating candles (flame-less or otherwise) the light will reflect off of the metallic and glitter paint options giving your reception an added warmth glow or sparkle. Don’t forget to check the ‘Oops’ section where you might get lucky and find your perfect color for the price of a sandwich!

5. Keep it small

The most obvious and greatest money saving tip there is for planning your wedding on a budget is to keep it small! Granted small weddings can still be pricey, but by inviting less people, you’ll have fewer mouths to feed, fewer place cards and centerpieces to make, fewer invite’s to send out, and ultimately a more cozy and intimate ceremony and reception.

Ultimately, your wedding can be as grand or intimate as you choose for it to be- these are just a few helpful hints to make you feel like a princess for a day while staying on a budget. So congratulations, good luck, and happy stamping for you special day!

princess wedding budget

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