Show Us Your Roots And Win!

united states people vector image mapHome. Despite being considered a general term to describe somewhere you live, the feelings attached to the word are something else entirely. Home is where you plant your seeds in childhood, sow your wild oats in your youth, and eventually come to put down your roots and settle in.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous surge in the concept of all things ‘local’ and home grown. Farmer’s Markets have become increasingly popular, Art Walk’s have sprung up in a variety of cities across the country, Google+ even has a ‘#smallbusinesssaturday’ hash tag that trends every Saturday. And on top of an emerging awareness and love for all things local and unique, a strong sense of state pride has been growing fiercely.florida roots sunshine palm trees custom address stamp

Here at we’re proud to be based in the sunny state of Florida! With our illustrious beaches, palm trees, vibrant sunsets, and snow-free winters, we’ve grown accustomed to the tropical paradise we live in. Yea, we get the occasional hurricane or two, and sporadic gigantic alligator in a swimming pool, or gargantuan sized python- but all-in-all we’re pretty happy to be living somewhere where it stays summer the majority of the year.

texas roots custom address stamp


Louisiana roots custom address stamp

What about you?

Where are you from?

What’s your favorite local dish?

Your favorite view?

Favorite city?

What do you love about your state?

We want to know about it- social media style! Post a picture to your Instagram, Facebook,  Twitter, or Google+ page that best describes what you love about your home state, the winner will win one of our brand new grassroots state stamps, and be featured in an upcoming article featured alongside some of the best entries we get!

There is a catch though!

You MUST find us and follow us first on whichever platform you post on, and you MUST use the hashtag #unitedstatesofstamps with your post.

That’s it!

We’re so excited to give away one of our awesome newly designed Grassroots stamps! And even more excited to see some awesome state spirit from our followers!

custom address state roots stamps


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