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hashtag communityWe may have taken our sweet time about it, but here they are! SimplyStamps.com is now proud to offer our customers with the first in our series of hashtag rubber stamps!

Unless you send absolutely zero time on social media sites and live under a metaphorical rock, you have seen hashtags before. While most popular on sites like Twitter and Instagram, the popularity of this particular form of communication has since spilled over and on to sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, and Pinterest.

Hashtags have shown little sign of decreasing in popularity and now more and more businesses are utilizing the accidental marketing tool to spread the word about their brand and products. So how can these hashtag stamps help you?

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1. Create your own hashtag phrase and go viral!

An increasing amount of companies and twitter users used this technique in an attempt to get their custom hashtag ‘trending’ in which case your brand will achieve viral status and therefore reach millions of social media followers throughout the day. Twitter uses an actual “Trending” menu to show what topic are the most popular whereas Facebook allows users to either search or glance at the new sidebar on the right of the homepage, Instagram also allows users to search.

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2. Use hashtags to bolster a community of followers!

Even if your hashtag doesn’t go viral, it will still give you a quick and easy way to communicate with customers both new and old. When your customers use the hashtag and post about your products or services, not only will their comments go out to their own specific followers but also to the followers of the hashtag(s) they used and will be posted to a page exclusive for your hashtag if searched. Customers asking questions while using the hashtag will enable you to answer publicly and save the time of other customers who may have been about to ask the same thing. (Using hashtags on Instagram is also a great tactic to make sure you capture all the special memories you can on your wedding day!)

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3. Use hashtag stamps to stamp on flat surfaces and get noticed!

The great thing about stamps is that they can be used on virtually anything. Posters, t-shirts, business cards, even park benches (not that we condone that sort of thing..)- the sky is the limit! Nothing peaks curiosity more than seeing something in a place where it doesn’t belong!

Maybe you’re a hashtag addict that just can’t get enough, and you want to show off your hashtag love by stamping everything you see. Maybe you’re against the fad and want to use our stamp to revolt ironically! Or, maybe you’re just looking for a gift to give that friend that uses hashtags even in actual conversations. Regardless of the purpose, we’ve got you #covered!

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