DIY Business Cards Part 2

bold title business card stamp Remember our DIY Business Cards article from last year? Well the concept was such a hit, and after countless emails, we’ve finally created our own line of Business Card exclusive stamps for the business professional on the go! And while you no longer need to doctor information on one of our address stamps, the overall idea is the same!

We here at know that no two people are alike, we all have various likes, dislikes, quirks, preferences and personalities that help us to make up who we are. This is why we are termed to be ‘individuals’ because we are apart from the rest and as such, we are unique. So when we decide to start a business, we take bits and pieces of ourselves to formulate the foundations and beliefs that we have as individuals in an effort to stand, be different, and be true to one self.

So if no two people are alike, why should their business cards be any different? With our new line of Business Card Stamps, we’ve made it so you have control over your own cards. We’re not going to force you to buy 1,000 business cards or even 10, we want to give you the freedom to decide how many you need with the freedom of knowing that you have an endless supply!Faint Text Business Card Stamp

Our stamps are made up of the highest quality materials, and will last you for years and years to come- just imagine all of those business cards! The great thing about owning a business card stamp is that while yes, you can stamp out your contact information on pre-cut card stock that you can find in any craft store across the country (such as Michaels, or JoAnne’s), or you can dare to be different turn something as simple as a cocktail napkin into a business card.

It takes a creative and innovative mind to start and successfully run a business, and when it comes to securing new clients, partners, or business opportunities- and they see you using those qualities actively- not only will your business card stand out, but you will too.

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