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dog lover stampThere’s no denying it, March was a ‘ruff’ month for us! After the big holiday rush, spring arrives and throws us all out of whack! has even welcomed a whopping 7 new faces to our team- technically 8 if you want to count our new Keurig machine, and considering it’s the glue that keeps us all together, we really should include it because it’s only stamp love

Out of our many requests here at, one of our most popular is for custom address dog stamps. Now we know the idea may seem far-fetched but it’s true! People are passionate about their pets! In 2012 it was estimated that pet owners spent over $50 billion dollars on just their pets alone. And according to, it was also estimated that about 83.3 million people and 70% of households own at least one dog.

It’s hard to ignore statistics like these, especially when you’ve got customers requesting stamps resembling their favorite fur faced friends! So in an effort to accommodate our customers, we went ahead and created a whole line of breed specific custom dog address stamps complete with wagging tails, paw prints, and more! Our new design features a standout silhouette of your favorite breed, with a unique customized paw print border. This stamp will undoubtedly leave a beautiful and lasting impression, just like the dog in your life. 

For centuries, dogs have been considered “man’s best friend”. They are used by rescue teams, public service officers, and have even been considered therapeutic for those in need either physically or emotionally. The truth is, there is just something that comes over a person when they interact with a dog; their minds become less troubled, their spirit lightens, and they smile from ear to ear.

And just like your favorite pup, our stamps will never let you down. Made up of only the highest quality parts, our stamps will never let you down!

(Psst…If you like dog’s check out our favorite pup Turner!)

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