How To Throw The Best Summer BBQ

We’ve made it no secret that we here at are proud to be beach going Floridians! And with this past winter being particularly brutal, we’ve really been missing our sweltering summer heat, refreshingly cool waters, and backyard summer BBQ’s. No one wears heavy coats and winter boots in Florida! We miss our tank tops and sandals! May is here and with it slowly but surely we are beginning to see the initial stages of our summer paradise returning. The sun has begun to warm our frosty fingertips, our car windshields are no longer permeated with ice, and it’s no longer a mad dash to our cars in the morning while shivering, shaking, and saying “cold, cold, cold!” under our breath. Or is that last part just me?

Speaking of barbecue’s, when was the last time you had one? You know- one of those days where you’re able to kick back and relax with your friends, family, maybe some neighbors, cook outside on the grill, maybe even have an inflatable swimming pool for kids to play in? After months and months of grueling frigid weather, the sun has come out and the weather has warmed- and let’s face it, you’re overdue for a party!

So exactly how do you throw the hottest party of the summer?

1. Assemble Your Guest Listguest list summer bbq diy

It’s a fairly common idea that parties should be fun- we really don’t think anyone is going to accuse us of lying when we say that. So when assembling your guest list, you may want to steer clear of Carrie down the hall who has something to say about everyone, or Mrs. Fields down the road who could tell you just how many strange cars have been parked in Ms. Banks driveway the past few weeks. Parties should be a place to relax and enjoy yourself, and not worry about what everyone else is thinking. Another thing to keep in mind when adding people to your guest list is your budget! You may want to invite 40 people, but if you can’t afford to feed them all and supply enough to drink, then you probably shouldn’t bother unless you’re planning to make your shin-dig a pot luck, in which case carry on!

2. Invitations

So how are you going to get the word out about this summertime soiree of yours? Sure, you could email everyone in your address book, text a few numbers, or set up a Facebook event- but you could do that for any party. This one is special. Summer has returned in all of its glory; and you’re ready to celebrate!

So in our efforts to celebrate this momentous return, we created a new summer inspired collection of stamps! And even if they can’t warm your toes, at least they’ll warm your spirits. Whimsical sea horses, shimmering waves, beach chairs, palm trees, and shells make up just a few of our new designs. These are perfect for mailing out your party invitations, not to mention a great way to show off your sunny attitude year round on all of your outgoing mail!ocean summer bbq stamps

3. Food!bbq

Now let’s not forget the one of the most important things to have at a summer cookout- the food! Remember how the phrase “if you build it, they will come” took off after “Field of Dreams” came out? Well, here’s another one: if you cook it, they will come! So start clipping coupons, perusing the local papers, and stocking up on all those summer favorites! When it comes to side dishes, you can ask your guests to bring something to share, that way you get the most amount of food without breaking your bank or your oven!

4. Decorations

backyard summer party diyOnce you’ve got the people invited, and the food situation figured out, it’s time to bring out the finishing touches! Now we know that decorations may not seem like a necessity, but just a few items can make a big difference! Paper lanterns and string lights are always fun and festive, and can be reused for parties in the future or just your basic backyard decor. When going to your local party store, don’t forget to invest in a table cloth! Table cloths may seem outdated, but they will protect your tables from any temporary mess that could lead to long term damage or staining- not to mention it’s a quick, easy and cheap way to add a pop of color or snazzy pattern to your great outdoors space!

5. Have fun!

This last step is the most important of all! Don’t be afraid to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones! Let your friends know that it’s alright to bring a plus one and meet some new people. Enjoy the fresh summer heat while relaxing in the shade with a drink and bask in the knowledge that you through an awesome party!

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