It’s A Ruff Life

No bones about it, we’ve never made a secret of our love for animals! And with this past Friday being the official Take Your Dog To Work Day, we were simply howling with joy! With over 60 employees in our facilities, many of whom are pet enthusiasts, we had a lot of dogs on site! But don’t worry, even with the added presence of all of our dogs, we were still able to get your orders shipped out on time- we just had the help of a few more paws…er..hands!

Loyal, fun, and always there to brighten your day and pull you out of even the worst moods, it comes as no surprise that these amazing animals have lovingly been named man’s best friend. Last week we had had everything from Great Dane’s to Chihuahua’s and we couldn’t have been happier. With their wagging tails and cheerful personalities, we were all smiles all day and who could blame us?

Are you a dog lover like us? While on our site we offer a slew of animal inspired and themed stamps!  We have a special place you can go to exclusively shop all of our dog stamp designs. When it comes to our dog stamps, we know that one size doesn’t fit all so we’ve included a number of breed specific custom address stamp designs just for you! In the event you can’t seem to find the breed you’re looking for, you can always ask us and we’ll see what we can do about getting one made!

Even with all the added distractions of our furry friends here, you can rest easy knowing that we still take our work very seriously and refuse to cut corners or skimp on delivering you the highest quality products available. So whether you’re in the market for a custom dog stamp or just an animal stamp in general, we’ve got you covered. Remember that all of our stamps are handmade and assembled in our Jacksonville factory by the most experienced team in the business.

Did your office have their own “Take Your Dog To Work Day?” If so, please post photos of your dogs at work to our Facebook page!

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