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With the average cost of a wedding said to be roughly $30,000, this has left many brides-to-be in a panic wondering how they’re going to pay for it all. Many are looking for “DIY” ways to cut the budget and still have a fantastic day to remember.  One of the biggest money and time savers are, surprisingly, rubber stamps! So just how much money can wedding stamps save you when you start to plan your big day? A lot! And while it may not sound like it, a few rubber stamps, some basic card stock, and a couple trips to the dollar store can save you not just hundreds of dollars but also time!

So where do we begin?Simply Stamps Save The Date Stamps

1. Save The Date Stamps

A clever way for you to save money when planning your wedding is by using custom Save The Date Stamps! Almost as big of a pain as the invitations themselves, wedding announcements, or “save the date’s”, have become almost as popular and necessary in the past few decades. Just like with your wedding invitations, all you’ll need is some basic card stock and a stamp!

2. Invitations

Believe it or not, making your own wedding invitations really doesn’t take much. A quick trip to your local Michael’s craft store or dollar store, a specialized custom wedding invitation stamp, and you’re ready to go! Regular wedding invitations can cost $200 or more and are only available in limited increments. So if you are hosting a wedding with an odd number of guests, chances are you’ll have to order more than you actually need which results in wasted money and the last thing you want to deal with when planning your wedding. By using an invitation stamp you have the freedom to make as many invitations as you need and personalize them however you want all for a fraction of the cost of ordering them online or from a bridal boutique.

3. Keepsakes, Mementos, and Décor

It may sound silly at first to use stamps when decorating for your wedding, but we assure you that it is possible! Personalized coasters make cute little mementos for you and your guests! Blank coasters are an inexpensive way to add some personal touches to your guest tables at your reception and make for a great souvenir at the end of the day. Great for outdoor and indoor weddings alike!

In keeping with the idea of the DIY coasters, you can also use customized stamps to decorate the napkins at your reception! Something cute and simple but still a beautiful touch and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!  Another idea is to use stamps to decorate the gift bags or packages for all of your guests or just the wedding party! The stamps don’t necessarily have to be something wedding related therefore the sky is the limit! Everyone will appreciate seeing that you took the time to personalize their gifts.

Simply Stamps DIY Wedding

4. Address Stamp for Thank You’s

Don’t forget to say thanks to all of your wedding guests. Even if they didn’t write you a check or pick something up off of your registry, they should still receive a thank you note for being there to share in your special day. But with all those guests come a lot of cards to send out and either hours of handwriting your address time and time again or you can save yourself the hand cramping with an address stamp. Capable of thousands of impressions, our self inking address stamps will help you get that huge stack of thank you cards sent out in no time! And as an added bonus, not only will you be able to use one of these stamps on all of your thank you notes but you’ll also be able to use it on all of your outgoing mail for years to come.

Self Inking Address Stamps Simply Stamps

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