Big Things Come In Small Packages!

Things have gotten a bit wild lately at Simply Stamps. Summer is finally here and the kids are home full-time from school, so what have we been doing to keep them busy? Given that we’re a Florida based company, frequent trips to the beach is a given – but what else? We’ve been going to the zoo! Our Jacksonville Zoo is a must see for all locals with popular attractions such as jaguars, bears, and elephants. But lately it’s those elephants that have us all excited!

Big or small, young or old, we’ve all got our favorite animals and elephants are no strangers to be being at the top of the list. So to honor these fur-less friends of ours we’ve created a new collection of elephant return address stamps! We know we can’t be the only elephant lovers out there, and now we’re giving you the opportunity to show off that love, Simply Stamps style! From elephants in action, elephants dressed in ceremonial garb, or even elephants pictured the way they might look at the zoo, we’ve got a whole herd of different address stamp styles for you to choose from!

One of the largest mammals around, but don’t let their mammoth like size fool you! Elephants are definitely considered to be gentle giants. In some parts of the world, elephants are considered sacred creatures. They have been admired, put on display, and even worshiped through the centuries all over the world and now you can have your very own in the comfort of your own home! And while they may not make the best of pets, these stamps are bound to get you both noticed and admired for your love of animals.

Elephant Return Address Stamps

With every stamp that we make here at Simply Stamps, we make sure that it consists of only the best of materials and that the stamp design will always leave you with a beautiful and lasting impression. Whether you choose a traditional wooden hand stamp or a fancy self-inking stamp, our commitment to excellence knows no limits! Prior to leaving our manufacturing factories, each and every stamp is inspected to ensure a high quality product from the inside out.

Your own elephant inspire custom return address stamp not enough for you? Lucky for you and because elephants are so popular, now you can see elephants in zoo’s and preserves all over the country. If you happen to  live in Florida like us, be sure to check out Disney’s Animal Kingdom and help support their conservation efforts!


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