Give Yourself The Gift Of Time This School Year!

Smiling teacher at the school class.Ever wondered what your kids teachers actually do during the summer with all that free time? There’s no denying that being a teacher really does have its perks. More days off, a two and a half month vacation every year guaranteed, a nice week off for Christmas, and an actual Spring Break. It must be nice to feel like you’re still in school while at the same time having the financial freedom that you lacked back when you were actually in school.

But being a teacher may not be all sunshine and rainbows. Every year you as a teacher, are tasked with the responsibility of instilling in the future generations all the basic knowledge that they will need to succeed, not just in the classroom, but also in life itself.

Unlike most jobs where the work day ends at 5 o’clock, the students all leave to go home anywhere from 2 – 4 in the afternoon and they are often the only ones. Teachers often arrive to class much earlier than the students, and stay long after they’re gone. Even after they finally get to go home themselves, there is never any shortage of papers and homework assignments to grade even though they aren’t getting paid to work after hours. In fact, the lowest recorded salary paid to a teacher in Florida as recorded for the 2012-2013 school year was roughly $30, 910.  We hope you can agree that this figure is extremely low for someone dedicating their time and lives to educating the up-and-coming generations.classroom So remember that nice lengthy summer vacation that all those teachers receive every year? The sad truth is that many make it a point to take on a summer job to help get them through the season.

So what is the very best thank you gift you can give your child’s teacher on the first day of school or in addition to the required classroom supplies that every teacher hands out at the beginning of the year? Why not give them the gift of time? Sounds easier said than done doesn’t it? Well we here at Simply Stamps are here to tell you that giving this precious gift may be a lot easier that you may believe. Think about it, what takes up the majority of any teachers time? Ask any one of them and you will undoubtedly hear that the answer is grading! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to help them through their gigantic stack of work needing to be graded in just a fraction of the time?

Introducing our teacher stamps! Available in traditional hand stamp style, or a speedy self inking format, these stamps will last for years and years to come and will make grading so much faster and far less tedious. We’ve got a stamp for every grading situation a teacher could possibly encounter! From words of encouragement, requests for parental signature, to anything and everything in between. With a well stocked assortment of expressions and exclamations for them to choose from, we’ve truly got it all!

This year give your child’s teacher the much needed grading boost they’ll need so they can finally manage some actual free time and keep their work life at work! Order today!

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