4 Ways to Throw Your Own Breast Cancer Awareness Party

breast cancer aweness october pumpkinWhen the summer atmosphere and the leaves begin to change it can only mean one thing – fall has officially arrived! All over the country people are breaking out their long pants and their cozy knit sweaters and scarves, and no matter what aisle you turn down at the grocery store, you’re bombarded with multiple products capitalizing on the pumpkin spice trend that has skyrocketed in recent years.

But while so many are prepping for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and cozy nights curled up at home, others find themselves getting ready for something completely different and rather unexpected. While so many are unpacking festive decor in colors like coppers, golds, creams, and browns – others like to throw a little bit of pink into the mix. No, that’s not a typo! Among the more obvious things that the fall months are associated with, the fact is that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

For those personally effected by breast cancer or know someone who has been, this is a very exciting month. All month long, countless chains and corporations run commercials and special promotions in an effort to raise awareness as well as funding to help fight against breast cancer. While most people may be under the impression that breast cancer is limited to only affecting women, it is possible for men to develop it as well. Although the chances of this happening are significantly less than a woman’s, there are still plenty of cases of breast cancer in men that occur every year. Even the NFL gets involved with players wearing pink accented uniforms!

So what can you do to raise awareness for such an important cause? Throw a party! Last year, one breast cancer awareness campaign from Estroven started a SleepPink project and encourage everyone to throw a breast cancer pink themed party and marketed it as a “Girls Night In”. These parties are a great way to sit back and relax with friends while at the same time raising awareness! So what can you do to ensure an awesome pink party?

1. Pink Printables!
Well, they may not all be literally pink in color but there are tons of links to free downloads of everything from little signs to frame around your party, to decorative paper to wrap around mini water bottles and pieces of candy!custom pink ribbon stamp simply stamps

2. Give a gift!
You can’t expect your guests to leave empty handed now can you? Here at Simply Stamps, we have just the thing! Raise awareness and help your friends and family save time when sending out their mail with our selection of Breast Cancer Pink stamps! Featuring the pink ribbon design as well as up to 4 lines of custom text, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from! These handy little stamps would be a great addition to any gift bag or raffle prize!

3. Goodies all around!
No party is complete without snacks! Our DIY favorite Pinterest is littered with fun breast cancer pink themed treats for your taste buds. From how-to hot pink candied apples, to liquor infused pink lemonade cupcakes and classic cookies, they’ve got it all!

4. Get Your Office Involved!
In addition to the party planning ideas above, why not get the office involved and raise money for a good cause? Get creative and organize a contest, one pinner had the idea to set up jars for specific employees to take up collections in jars and at the end of the contest, the employee with the most money in their jar gets a pie in the face! Feel free to edit that last part – although it would make for a good laugh all around and would be for a good cause!

Can’t throw a party? Don’t feel bad – there are plenty of other awesome ways to get involved this month! Countless cities all over the country are organizing tons of walks to raise money and awareness for the cause! Throw your own pink party today or get involved with a local walk!


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