3 Tricks and Treats To Throw Your Best Halloween Party!

Slowly but surely, the air is beginning to take on that Autumn chill again. Almost overnight grocery stores are stocking piles of plastic pumpkins with ghoulish expressions on their faces just waiting to be taken and paraded on that sugary sweet holiday we call Halloween. The aisles are overflowing with mounds of candy (no pun intended) all with special Halloween styled packaging ripe for the taking and filling countless goody bags.

The hot summer days of July may feel like they were just yesterday, but it’s already the middle of October and Halloween is quick on our heels! Where has the year gone and how can you get yourself into the Fall spirit and ready to throw the best Halloween party of the year quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank? In these times of struggle and uncertainty, millions all over the world turn to the epitome of DIY websites, Pinterest!

So what key ingredients are needed to conjure up the best Halloween party of the season?

Halloween stamp invitation poem1. Send out the invitations!
In today’s world of emails, Facebook invites, and text messages, there’s something special about receiving something through the mail other than a bill. It may feel old fashioned, and like something from another time altogether so what better time to do it than for Halloween? Don’t like the idea of spending money on pricey custom invites? No worries! Remember, this is a blog on how to do Halloween on a budget! So what if I told you that you could create as many custom invites as you need for years and years to come? All you need is a snazzy Halloween stamp, some standard cardstock from a craft store, and a printer!

Oh! And don’t forget your own custom address stamp for the holidays!

halloween party decor ideas2. Decorations!
Turn apples into shrunken heads, a white refrigerator into a ghost, and more, when you search for Halloween craft ideas on Pinterest. The most traditional of all Halloween decorations is of course the famous pumpkin, but by using a drill instead of a traditional pumpkin carving kit, you can create some unique pumpkin designs without nearly as much time and effort. Another thing you can do to transform your home from the inside out is to cut out black construction paper into creepy cool shapes, tape it to your windows and then tape green tissue paper behind it for a ghoulish green back-lit effect!witch hat cookies halloween party

3. If you feed them, they will come!

Throwing together a killer Halloween party can be exhausting and leave you feeling famished- so don’t forget to put out some tasty Halloween treats for all your ghouls and goblins! Turn a party classic like pigs in a blanket into a mummified snack fit for the ancient pharaohs of Egypt! There are also tons of no-bake cookie and snack concoctions all over the internet. These witch hat Oreos are supernaturally easy and will be a great sugary sweet treat for your guests and party goers!

By following these three basic Halloween party planning checklist, you’ll be sure to get the monster ball you’ve always wanted! Don’t forget to check out YouTube for a spooky music playlist, and creepy cool Halloween inspired drinks and cocktails to go with your snacks! Want more Halloween tricks, treats, and DIY’s? Visit our Simply Stamps Halloween Pinterest board for some extra spooky inspiration! Happy Haunting!

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