Simply Stamps Is Now Mobile Friendly!

With the annual change in the weather, has come changes elsewhere, and sometimes in the most unexpected of places. We’ve been undergoing some serious renovations here at Simply Stamps! In preparations for the upcoming holiday season, we’ve decided that it was time to make it a priority to get our site mobile friendly! Yep, that’s right! Bring on the phones and tablets – we’re ready for them! With holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, and millions of people out shopping and trying to find that perfect gift for that one special somebody, we knew that there was no time to lose!

Given that we here at Simply Stamps have been around for over sixty years, we’ve had to do our best time and time again to keep up with the times and keep things as current as possible! In that whopping sixty-year period, we’ve definitely managed to learn a few things about the business markets. And while we’ve been busy refining our skills and making sure our products are produced at a high quality and our customer service skills are rivaled by none, we always take the time to look into new and emerging technology.

Throughout the duration of our time in business, one thing we have learned to embrace has been the emergence of new technology and trends in the business world. Our equipment has changed, our services have expanded, and then every once in a while some new trend takes hold of our culture that becomes impossible to shake.

For example, in today’s age we cannot imagine a world without GPS capability, smart phones, and tablets at our fingertips constantly. Can you believe that that world was a reality just 20-30 years ago? Now here we are just a few years later with smart phones capable of just about anything a desktop or laptop computer can do, and now we’ve got tablets!

But as a result of the rapid increase in the availability of technology, studies show that an increasing amount of consumers are opting to place their orders on the go from either their phones or their tablets. According to Tim Peterson of, “72 percent of consumers think it’s important for brands to have a mobile friendly site, fully 96 percent have nonetheless come across a site that wasn’t mobile friendly, according to a Google study..”. With numbers like that, it has become increasingly clearer in our business that mobile technology isn’t going anywhere and is instead here for the long haul.

While we’ve been in business, we have prided ourselves on our awesome customer service skills and consumer-friendly style – and in order to stay true to that, we too must change with the times! We are so excited to see where the technology industry continues to take us, and we are so proud of our team of tech savvy individuals who were able to make this happen for us! Who knows where we’ll be in another 20-30 years? Maybe we’ll be on the verge of hologram projections! Okay, well maybe not – but who can say for sure? Whatever the case, we hope to still be around to see it, and with the help of our awesome and loyal customers, we don’t see our survival being a problem!

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