Simply Stamps Top 5 Holiday Gifts On A Budget

The time for holiday gift giving has almost arrived! Bring on the wrapping paper, shiny bows, and fancy curly ribbons – because, like it or not, Christmas is right around the corner. Every year around this time, money continues to get a little tight – it’s an annual thing and even though we know that it’s coming and try to prepare ourselves, somehow we always all overspend and go over budget. But who could blame us? The holiday season really is the most wonderful time of the year!

With countless families gathering all across the country, the gift giving spirit is in the air and so is the race to grab the hottest gifts this holiday season! But for those of us out there who may not have the money, a handmade gift really can mean more than an overpriced crock pot.

So what are some great DIY gift ideas for the holidays that may be made on the cheap?Seville Cascading Snowflakes Square Address Stamp

1. Custom Address Stamp Stocking Stuffer!

For the person who has everything, comes the perfect stocking stuffer. Great for budding entrepreneurs or just that special someone in general, we here at Simply Stamps have a wide selection self inking address stamps fit for any occasion or profession. Available in an array of color ink options, our custom self inking stamps can be customized for anyone or any business. We have super fast turnaround speeds so you can be sure to get your gift before the holidays kickoff!

Snowman Christmas gift hot cocoa2. Warm Your Loved Ones Up With Cocoa!

Newborn baby getting in the way of your holiday planning? Put those old, empty jars to good use by turning them into happy holiday snowmen! By taking 3 jars and gluing the tops of each jar to the bottom of the next, adding some paint, and some material for a snowman scarf and hat, you’ve got the makings of a great snowman! Fill your jars with peppermint candies, hot cocoa, and marshmallows for a great single serve hot cocoa drink – great for anyone on your list, and easy to make when you’re running low on time! This youtube tutorial by BeautyTakenIn will help you create these adorable holiday sugary sweet snowmen faster than Rudolf can fly!

3.Photo on wood Christmas gift moge podge

Have someone on your list who just had a big event this year? Maybe someone extra special to you? Who knew that by using some modge podge, you could create beautiful wall art using your pictures and wood? This is such a great idea and is perfect for anyone with a lot of pictures, and a rustic interior. For some added holiday flair, use a shiny ribbon or a bow to secure it to the wall!

4. Say it with Coffee!

Some people like coffee, other people need coffee to survive. For those people on your holiday shopping lists who fall into the latter category, there is a quick holiday gift that you can make in no time and will prove its worth time and time again. Using a simple dollar store coffee mug and an oil based paint pen (which according to the Homemaker Chic blog, you can get for $3 at Michaels), you can create an assortment of designs and messages perfect for anyone on your list in no time at all!

Fingerprint Christmas gift diy5. One Of A Kind Christmas Gift

This is another popular DIY that can be found on Pinterest. Lately custom fingerprint jewelry is all the rage. But while most DIY recipes suggest homemade salt dough, we can safely say that you will need to purchase silver polymer clay to create this custom one of a kind gift. Great for parents, close friends, and grandparents, the polymer clay can be bought for less than $5 for a pack and made in less than a day!

Pinterest has a lot of DIY’s that don’t always work out; for example, a regular sharpie marker will not work the same way on a coffee mug as an actual paint pen. When attempting some of these DIY’s for Holiday gift ideas make sure you’ve got your bases covered and know that they will work after a bit of light researching. As always, feel free to visit our Pinterest boards for more DIY holiday gift giving ideas!

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