New Year, New Stamps

Where did 2014 go?! It feels like just a few weeks ago we were halfway through 2014 and now here we are with only a few days left until January 1st rolls around yet again. So break out the champagne and party hats, because 2015 is just about here!

As we all know, the arrival of a New Year means a time for new beginnings – and while you’re busy making your new year’s resolutions and strengthening your resolve to keep them, there may be one other thing you’re forgetting.

Have you checked your office supplies lately? Yes, we know that right now work is probably not that high on your list of priorities, but come January first, you may be thankful that you planned ahead!

So what kind of office supplies might need to be refreshed for the new year? The new year presents office managers with a great time to assess supply levels, and throw out the old stuff in need of replacing and start fresh! In keeping with the same spirit of “out with the old”, have you checked the dater stamps in your office lately?

simply stamps custom office dater stampsWhile most of the time, dater stamps are good for a number of years, eventually the time does come where they need an upgrade. No matter what kind of dater stamp you’re in the market for, we’ve got you more than covered! From standard dater stamps, to dater stamps featuring your signature and a wide variety of text options for you to choose from, we here at Simply Stamps have plenty of dater stamp design options for you to choose from!

Here at Simply Stamps, we’ve been in the stamp industry for over sixty years and are among the largest stamp manufacturing companies in the country! Over the years we’ve perfected our craft and made sure to stay up on all the latest technological advances in our field in order for us to give you, our customers, the very best finished products that we can.

Did you get stuck waiting to order until the last minute? Not to worry, we offer super fast turnaround time and work our hardest to get your orders out the door within one business day of receiving them! With our standard and speedy manufacturing times, your package will be on its way in no time and immediately ready for use!

While are proud to admit that our turnaround time is force to be reckoned with, please keep in mind that if you are ordering a large quantity of our custom dater stamps, you’ll need to allow an extra day or two before we are able to ship your order out to you.

With the new year just around the corner, there is no time like the present to get your office ready for 2015! Here at Simply Stamps, we sincerely hope that all of our customers and followers are having a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season – and we wish everyone the best in 2015!

From our offices to yours, have a happy New Year!

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