A Good Rubber Stamp Is Hard To Find

Over the river and through the woods (and then some), to a land far far away from our fair shores, lies the city of Vasco da Gama in the ancient country of India. A country plagued by instability and corruption, India still struggles to rise above and capitalize on all of the prosperous industries ranging from oil production, to their booming gemstone and jewelry industry and of course their tourism industry! Anyone remember that rival Sikh sword fight that broke out at a temple last year that looked like something out of a documentary portraying something that took place well over three hundred of years ago?

India definitely still has some internal obstacles to overcome but in the meantime, their economy is growing in leaps and bounds! If only they could manage to cut down on all of those illegal rubber stamp makers.

I’m sorry – say what?illegal rubber stamps seized india

Apparently rubber stamp forgeries are a thing that governments and law enforcement organizations need to be on the lookout for. This past December in the Indian city of Vasco, the Central Bureau of Investigation raided two commercial businesses and found over one hundred illegal rubber stamps pertaining to a variety of businesses including governments, banks, railways, and the Indian Oil Corporation. So how exactly does a basic rubber stamp become illegal?

When a stamp is created without the permission of the company it is being made for, or is an exact copy of a personalized rubber stamp that no one has requested, then the rubber stamp in question could become problematic. As is the case in India these rubber stamps were used for an assortment of illegal practices.

According to a source, navhindtimes.in reported “The rubber stamps that have been recovered from these two establishments were made without any authorization from the concerned offices and as such are illegal in nature. The fake rubber stamps must have been made with the only intention of cheating and misuse,”. The site goes on to say that the stamps as well as the computers, that were also seized in the raid, were used in the production of “fake voters ID cards as well as Aadhaar cards”.

While yes, this particular case of fraudulent rubber stamps occurred in India, you should always be careful who you buy your rubber stamps from here in the United States just to avoid confusion and problems down the road. As this case shows, if you need a highly specialized rubber stamp such as state (and often time individual) specific, notary stamps or postage paid stamps, it is always best to shop with a trusted rubber stamp source for all of your stamping needs.

We at Simply Stamps are happy to be able to say that all of our official stamps are completely up to date and up to code. All of our stamps are made with the permission of any and all parties involved, so you can rest easy knowing that there should never be any problems with the use of your stamp. As if our personal assurances weren’t enough, SimplyStamps.com is proud to be considered a Google Trusted Store!

While we know that the United States isn’t India, we still always like to make it a point to encourage any and all rubber stamp shoppers to always shop with a trusted source! Happy stamping!

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