It’s A Political Stamp-ede!

What do Ice Cream moguls Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (yes, THAT Ben & Jerry) have in common with stamps? Turns out a whole lot!

But before we get to all that, have you ever wondered how many other people have handled that dollar bill that currently sits in your wallet? It is estimated that throughout the standard life cycle of one of our hard earned American dollars, it is seen and handled by roughly 900 people. Now forget the germ factor for a second – that’s a lot of exposure for something that is seemingly everywhere and on everyone’s minds!

But where there is more money, there are invariably more problems. So when did the dollar stop being a symbol for the success of the American people and start being used against us?

Regardless of which political party you consider yourself a part of, the only thing it looks like everyone can agree on is that corruption runs rampant in D.C. – so much so in fact that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys. So who is to blame? Each side wave their hands, stamps their feet, name call, and consistently point the finger at those who oppose their own agendas, like a band of over overgrown 6 years olds, fighting over a couple of cookies. So what are the cookies in this equation?

Money. If you said “votes” you would only be half right. Gone are the days of men like Abraham Lincoln who come from absolute obscurity and then rise to the very pinnacle of the political sphere completely by their own will, and ideas.

In today’s world you can’t get anywhere without friends. And when it comes to politics, friends in high places come at a high cost. According to the New York Times, in the 2012 Presidential Election Barack Obama spent an estimated 985.7 million dollars to win the race, whereas presidential hopefully Mitt Romney spent $992.0 million- both with substantial donations from their deep-pocketed friends who you better believe, were looking after their own special interests and ideals.

obama lincoln rubber stamps politicsSo ask yourself this, could a modern day run of the mill lawyer like Abraham Lincoln make it in today’s political arena? Probably not. In 1860, it can be estimated that good old honest Abe spent somewhere in the realm of $927,996.50. As we all know, money today isn’t like it used to be, so when taking into consideration the rate of inflation, Abraham Lincoln spent $23,371,532.27 in today’s world – a mere drop in the bucket compared to what either Obama or Romney spent.

It seems that at least from 1860 to today, money has been helping to buy your votes. A decent amount of that money comes from those donors we’ve mentioned before – remember them? Over the year’s it has become apparent that no one seems to get anything done without the help of incentives, bribes, and special favors from fellow government official or big businesses. But with the guilty parties running the country, what can the average American citizen do about it?

Enter Ben & Jerry’s (it’s a weird shift in focus, we know but we promise it’s worth it!). Co-founder Ben Cohen has started a stamp stampede! His idea? Take a simple rubber stamp with a pointed message aimed at politicians and legally use it on a dollar bill. The top rubber stamp phrase? “Stamp Money Out Of Politics”.

While there are plenty of different phrases to choose from, each and every stamp includes the words “Amend the Constitution” “” and “#getmoneyout”. Here at Simply Stamps, we love the idea and are making it a point to do our part to help spread the word! As a result, we’ve created our very own Stampede Stamps page, complete with our  own designs and statements for fellow proud Americans to get their voices heard!

Head on over to our new page and check out some of our awesome designs!

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