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Pledging to one of the hundreds of different Greek houses while in college is a surefire way to enrich your overall college experience. Offering everything from support during the study rush for finals, to social events that help you to make friends in a new place, sororities and fraternities have been a part of the American university experience for over 150 years. Whether you just joined your local chapter of a national organization or count your best years of chapter activities behind you, one of our Greek symbol address stamps is a great way to show your pride and stand by your brothers or sisters!

simply stamps round sorority greek life stampShow Your Support

Alumni that live far from their schools often miss out on reunions and other gatherings. If you can’t travel regularly to see your old frat brothers or sorority sisters, consider showing your support from afar by using a Greek life address stamp on every piece of mail you send. Customize our design with the Greek letters of your favorite group. There’s no need to call for permission to use their logo or wait for delivery on an officially branded house stamp. Everyone from the mail carrier that stops by your house to the people receiving the mail will instantly know your dedication to your college alliances.

Upgrade The Group’s Office Equipment

Active students getting involved in the administrative side of the Greek house should consider investing in one of these for all official chapter correspondence. Petitions sent to the dean’s office should bear the same mark as invitations sent out to fellow sorority and fraternity members. Using a custom address stamp makes mail seem more official. You don’t want important documents ending up in the waste bin because no one could decipher the names or addresses scrawled on the envelope. Even if you don’t invest in a full set of matching house stationary, grab a simple stamp to make your own and simplify your administration routine.

Gather Your Members

Some alumnus stay involved with their favorite Greek houses long after they receive their diploma and leave school. Organizers and volunteers often need to coordinate a lot of resources when planning a reunion, fundraiser, or other event to support a college group. Help your invitations and requests stand out in a pile of junk mail by marking each envelope with your group’s Greek letters. Former and lapsed members will immediately open their mail to read the latest news. Gathering together members that relocated to different parts of the globe is inexpensive with basic mailing rates and a self-inking return address stamp.

Make Official Announcements

Recent problems on college campuses have caused both local and national Greek organizations to make big changes to their rules and bylaws. If you’re a member of one of these houses, you’ll need to clearly communicate the new regulations to your members to avoid mistakes that lead to a disbanding of your group. Type up a clear letter explaining the changes and new expectations, then send it out with the house’s official stamp on it. This ensures everyone has a written copy of the new expectations, in addition to any emails or social media announcements you make. You can even send the mail with a signature confirmation to show proof you’ve notified both new pledges and long-term members.

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