How Bird Stamps Can Help You Save Your Feathered Friends

birds in natureMay 9th marks the passage of yet another Global Big Day. While it might sound like a holiday for people who love oversized buildings or generously proportioned meals, it’s actually a day for counting birds around the world. Professional and amateur bird watchers join together to record all the feathered friends they see on one day to get a snapshot of the world’s populations. Since birds play a big role in every ecological habitat, it’s crucial to know where they need help. Whether you’re participating in Global Big Day or not, you can use our cute bird-themed address stamps to bring a little more awareness to friends and family members.

Start a Birding Group

Call it bird watching or birding – grabbing the binoculars and watching a sparrow build a nest really inspires adults and kids alike to care more for these overlooked animals. Starting a neighborhood birding group is a great way to get your neighbors involved and make a difference in your local area. For example, you might realize that a nearby convenience store dumpster is leading songbirds to eat bits of trash that clogs up their digestive system. Your group can suggest changes to area leaders and business owners to increase bird habitats and protect them.

Collecting Donations

If you’re already a member of the National Audubon Society or another bird conservation group, you likely send in your donations like clockwork. However, consider raising some extra money on your own by sending cards to friends and coworkers explaining the importance of bird research. Pick cards featuring amazing photographs or artwork of your favorite species, then stamp the envelope with a bird address stamp to reinforce your message. We’ve got plenty of different bird designs to customize for your personal use.

bird environment national wildlife foundationSponsor a Habitat

Migratory birds are at the most risk for disruption through habitat loss and climate change. If you live near a swamp, wetland, or open prairie, you can volunteer to help maintain it through sponsorship. Spending one day a month cleaning and checking the habitat area helps remove trash and debris that scares birds away when they need to rest on a long journey. Local bird conservation groups usually provide supplies and guidance for these kinds of activities, but you may need to explain to your city or county leaders why a specific part of the wilderness needs to be set aside as a special bird sanctuary first.

Visit the Schools

Finally, don’t forget to help to your local schools to get the younger generation involved. Fun activities with some of our creative bird stamps, colorful photos, and exciting worksheets teach the next group of conservationists about the importance of a healthy bird population. Talk to the science teachers at your closest elementary and middle schools about offering a bird watching field trip as well. Many ornithologists will volunteer their time to lead these kinds of trips when they’re ask to, so you might need to play coordinator to get everyone together.

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