Improve Customer Relations This Summer With Packaging Stamps!

People today sure are concerned about their health! More and more, general consumers have grown both apprehensive as well as interested in what goes into their food. People are beginning to pay attention to the labels on their food, and they want more information about where it comes from. This is mostly due to the growing awareness of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and organic foods. But with all this media attention on food, one recent food study found that more than half of Americans find it difficult to figure out exactly what they should be eating to be healthy.

So how can your business benefit from this new consumer health trend?

If you happen to own and operate a food store, sandwich shop, bakery, or any other establishment serving food and food items, you can start targeting your base by labeling your products clearly with these food packaging stamps! And voila! A simple way to help your customers understand not only what they are eating, but where it is coming from!

Understandably, these Food Packaging Stamps will also help your business to grow! How? Well, when people understand what they are eating, they will be more likely to purchase it again in the future. With your ingredients preparation methods presented upfront, your customers will feel safer and be willing to come back to your store time and time again; they will understand that the food is not just fresh but better for their own dietary wants and needs.

organic cage free gluten free farm fresh food packaging stamps simply stampsIf your customers are trying to stay healthy (who isn’t these days?), and they are able to see right on the package that your food has a GMO-free stamp. With one of our Raised Cage Free stamps on your package of fresh chicken cutlets, your customer will know to come back to your location again when they want a healthy item.

Our food packaging stamps are a great tool for you to utilize as a way to brand your store as a health-conscious establishment, which will help you connect with more customers who might want your products. The cool thing about our packaging stamps is that pre-packaged foods can be stamped clearly and legibly before they are even set out on your shelves. This way, people can easily see what it is they are buying when they browse through your store’s pre-packaged food items. Knowing that the food is GMO-free, or cage-free, or even gluten-free, could be the difference between a customer selecting that item, or leaving empty-handed and dissatisfied.

Food packaging stamps also come in handy for those customers of yours who may have food allergies! You can stamp foods with what they are made of like “Made with Fish” or “Gluten Free” which will help plenty of your customers take their pick from your selection!

Food package stamps are extremely easy to use and they require no special machinery. You can just ink and stamp the package. It’s simple and easy and as an added bonus each and every stamp is low-impact on the environment. There’s no paper waste like there is with printed labels, and one stamp can produce thousands of impressions. The only thing you need to refill is the ink.

If your restaurant, bakery, or meat shop is looking to connect with your customers who care about their health, then our Packaging Stamps are definitely the way to go!

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