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teacher grading paperFor millions of teachers all over the country, summer vacation is a time where the last thing they want to think about is the classroom. Many pick up summer jobs to supplement their income – others are able to take vacations, or spend time with friends and family. But Come mid July, once all the hubbub surrounding the 4th of July dies down, millions of teachers and professors start the process of preparing for the new year.

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The time for those decisions is finally here. Already we find ourselves in the third week of July and the promise of a new school year is right around the corner. Here at Simply Stamps, we know that being a teacher is no easy task, and we do our best to help out where we can. One of our biggest goals around this time of year is to help teachers spend less time grading papers and more spare time to do the things they love.

So just how do we plan to accomplish this? With stamps for teachers of course!

Every year around this time we start getting plenty of orders from teachers all over the country who are discovering the benefits of using both rubber and traditional stamps alike. The truth is, using stamps when you’re grading papers can save you tons of time in the long run! Check out what we can offer you!

1. Words of Encouragement and Praise

Everyone likes and appreciates a little extra praise now and then which is why we offer our customers a variety of statement stamps. Great for teachers, we offer a stamp with just about anything you could want to remark about a student’s paper. Our Scholarly Owl grading Rubric is one of our favorites by far! Let your students know just how you feel about the structure, mechanics, and overall execution of their papers with ease!

2. Good Organization Goes A Long Way

One of the biggest time wasters for teachers is trying to keep everything organized. This is why we offer an assortment of stamps perfectly designed to help you keep track of which papers are late, whether they are incomplete, and whether or not the paper is missing the student’s name. Oftentimes teachers deduct points for late papers and assignments but sometimes forget to mark just how late a paper is, or if it is late at all. Late stamps, incomplete stamps, and missing name stamps can help you to make sure that everyone receives the credit they deserve for the work that they completed.

3. Sign and Return

Don’t waste any more time handwriting special instructions for your students to show their parents. After hours and hours of repetitive grading and leaving notes on your student’s assignments, it makes sense that your handwriting may start looking a little odd and become difficult to read towards the end of the night. Solve this problem by investing in one of our many different Sign and Return Stamps. Whether you’re grading papers in the classroom or at home, your handwriting will always be legible and you’ll be able to zip through your stack of papers in a fraction of the time it takes to write your instructions by hand. These stamps are also an excellent way to keep parents in the loop with their child’s progress in your classroom.


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