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The argument against cursive still remains the same. In a world and culture where we are surrounded by technology nearly every single moment of our lives, why do our schools and educators really need to spend time emphasizing this dying skill? The answers some are coming up with may shock you. Similar to how studies have linked a curriculum with an emphasis on the arts with higher test scores in math, recent studies have shown a direct correlation between better grades in reading and spelling when students are taught proper penmanship. This study was published in the journal “Academic Therapy” clearly states “first-graders who learned to write in cursive received higher scores in reading words and in spelling than a comparable group who learned to write in [print].”

cursive mad teacher alyssa
Photo courtesy of Brenda Hatcher

Recently the story of a 7 year old attending school in Kansas has gone viral. In September of this year, a family friend shared the image of the little girl’s paper on Facebook. The girl named Alyssa clearly and legibly wrote her name on her paper in cursive. In response, the girl’s teacher left a note at the top by her name which reads “Stop writing your name in cursive. You have had several warnings.” The post has drawn a shocking amount of attention and has been shared over 460,000 times across the social media site. The overwhelming response has proven quite negative toward the teacher in question, with many calling for a full apology and a return to teaching cursive in school.

After the passing and implementation of Common Core Standards in school districts across the country, there has been an intense backlash from parents over the absence of proper instruction in cursive in the new curriculum. According to an article on Today, “Responding to parent complaints, some states are revising the national standards and adopting their own rules. In February, Arkansas lawmakers made cursive writing instruction mandatory in the state’s public elementary schools, beginning in the 2015-2016 school year. Tennessee passed a similar bill last summer. The Florida Department of Education approved updates to Common Core last year, adding cursive writing as part of fourth- and fifth-grade standards. Other states bringing cursive back to the curriculum include California, Georgia, Kansas and North Carolina. In Ohio, one school district is getting creative by teaching cursive as part of art classes.” ***

laura hooper handwritten calligraphy
Photo courtesy of Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Anyone notice how certain things like handwritten letters and notes have seemingly all but disappeared in today’s modern world? In today’s world of instant messaging, texting, emails, and social media, the need to handwrite anything is pretty much gone – even something as simple as a grocery list has been replaced with an app on your android or apple phone.

Aside from signing ones name on contracts, handwriting in general, is no longer as important as it used to be. Even grade schools across the country are choosing to no longer spend any time working on perfecting the upcoming generation’s handwriting. While some find the move a bit sad and the end of an era so to speak, others find that the choice makes sense. Modern technology such as phones, computers, and tablets have almost completely eradicated the need to hand write anything and as a result when the up and coming generations are forced to actually write anything, their handwriting can be illegible – a trend that has only picked up steam in the past few decades.

But while there are those who feel that the various school systems who have elected to not teach proper handwriting are doing the right thing in spending more time on the common core standards of reading and mathematics, there is still a faction of people who love and admire the handwritten scripts of old and long for the talent to be able to create it themselves.

But when browsing sites like Pinterest and Etsy, it’s nearly impossible to escape various examples of beautifully scripted text whether it is font examples, wedding invitations, budget lists, or wall decals. Despite the fact that most states seem to be pulling handwriting from their school’s curriculum, the style is extremely trendy right now!

Simply Stamps Robertsons Handwritten Address StampSo for those who love the flourish and frills associated with handwritten writing styles, we’ve taken some of our most popular stamp designs and made them available in a beautiful handwritten font. We have a whole host of different address stamps for you to choose from so you can give all of your outgoing mail just the right amount of class and sophistication.

As an added bonus, we’ve been hard at work designing a variety of handwritten styled stamps to be utilized for crafting! Perfect for custom card creations, invitations, and more we are now offering a selection of handwritten styled inspirational phrases for our customers to choose from. Exquisitely designed and handcrafted to your unique specifications, we’re capable of creating anything here in our workshop! Perfect for get well cards, friendship cards and more, you’ll be able to create beautifully handwritten cards in no time.

Our stamps come in a variety of sizes, ink colors, and formats. Whether you prefer the old fashioned styled hand stamps, or the quick and easy self-inking stamps that we’ve become more accustomed to today, we’ll make sure that your stamp comes out exactly the way you ordered it. Get your new Handwritten styled stamp today before the Holiday season hits!

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