A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way!

At some point in each and every one of our lives, there comes a point where we’re sitting at the dinner table, or on our couch watching TV that we realize just all that we have. Some are more fortunate than others, some are more gracious than others – but regardless, at least t some point in our lives, there is a moment when we take stock of things in our lives, for better or for worse.

For some, this brief moment of self reflection is enough – for others, it inspires them to get busy giving back to the world that has given them so much.

Random Act of Kindness stamp from Simply StampsIt’s no secret that we like to stay on top of all of the trends when it comes to stamping. And needless to say the latest trend we’ve uncovered has gotten us all very excited! Similar to the idea of “paying it forward” comes the Random Acts of Kindness movement. All over the world, there are various groups and organizations that devote their free time to giving to others. These groups compile wish list’s from those in need and together compile boxes, envelopes, and packages with special items intended to brighten someone’s day.

To help out the do-gooders of the world we’ve reached out to a local group and asked just what they would like to see in a stamp. What could we create with our design team and machines that would help them to accomplish their goals?

It's cool to be kind stamp from simply stampsWhat we came up with was a collection of six expertly designed RAK stamps! (Random Acts of Kindness stamps)! Please note that while these are intended to be used on outgoing packages and envelopes, they cannot be customized with your personal information. However, you’ll still be able to leave an impression that stays true to your own personal style with the help of our ink options. When selecting a RAK stamp to order, you’ll be given the option to choose your new stamp’s ink color from one of eight different color options!

Because we believe in keeping true to ourselves and our own personal style as well, we’ve also made our new RAK Stamps available in a vintage hand stamp style, which will allow you to use a different ink color with every impression if you so choose! We know how much quality means to our customers, which is why each and every one of our stamps is inspected and checked before leaving our production facilities to ensure durability and a superior impression. Be assured, you will have a stamp that will stand the test of time and allow you to keep stamping for many years to come.

Feeling inspired to give back yet? You don’t need to give someone a gift to complete a random act of kindness! Every day we are given hundreds of different opportunities to go above and beyond and do something nice for someone else. Don’t wait until a package is delivered to your doorstep to do something positive – start today!

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