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There are two types of people in the world, people that follow football and people that don’t. For those of us with kids, this distinction is even more important. Every year millions of boys and girl ages 5-18 get their books, binders, and backpacks ready and head off to school. Some kids discover their artsy side, others discover their competitive side through sports.

For years it is the arts that has received so much special attention. Parents everywhere have become bombarded with the constant call to “Save The Art’s”.

It helps with math skills!

It builds confidence!

It inspires creativity!

And while the arts appear to be constantly under fire, it is sports in schools that is seldom under attack. Whether it be track, swimming, football, or volleyball – every August schools all over the country reserve some time in their busy daily schedules for open try outs. While critics criticize the safety risks and seemingly constant urge to win, proponents of sports like football in schools praise the great team building that goes into a successful team. Not to mention the health benefits associated with keeping active, there is always the possibility that your child could receive a full ride to college through various scholarships as well as the potential to play more in college and maybe even someday make it to a professional team.

But all great things have humble beginnings. Just like all great players start out as just kids running around the backyard, playing with their friends on weekends, and feeling more inclined to play video games than to clean their room or do homework.

Arguably one of the most popular sports to both watch and play is American Football. Super players like Peyton Manning, Ray Rice, Drew Brees, and Richard Sherman have become not just stand out players but role models for today’s kids. With their standout performances and off the field community and charity work, they have chosen to use their influence to do more than just score fantasy football points.

So with role models such as these, not to mention the great feeling that comes with winning, it makes sense why every year so many kids try out for their school’s football team. After all, the world may not have real superheroes but it does have some truly super awesome people in it. So what can you do to encourage your football loving kid to chase their dreams on their school’s team?

Mascot Player Number Football Oval X-Stamper Simply Stamps imageDon’t be afraid to make decorative signs, supporting your team, as well as your child. Make up cute invites for family, friends, and even the entire school to receive with this custom Mascot Player Number Football Oval X-Stamper. Quality made and handcrafted in our very own USA production facilities, this durable custom football stamp is just the thing you need for a new year and new season!

Kids not into playing football but you still love to watch it? Our expert team of designs have created a wide variety of new football stamps made so you can support whichever team is your favorite! Pick a team close to home or thousands of miles away! Order your new football fan stamp today!

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