Personalized Stamps for Kids

At Simply Stamps, were always looking for new and innovative ways to use stamps. We’ve always thought that a personalized dater stamp was great for the office – that seems natural.  Use it to stamp the date on important paperwork and files, always remember the date and easily get the job done.  But what creative ways can you use a personalized dater at home?  Perhaps the most ingenious idea is to use it to stamp your children’s artwork.  No more writing the date over and over again.  Stamp the date and file away, or place in a frame, and always remember when your children created their “masterpiece.”  (Even if it’s not such a masterpiece…)


We also recently created a bunch of “from the library of” or “this book belongs to” or just plain name stamps to be used to identify things. Mom’s are loving the ability to be able to stamp inside books, papers, and belongings. Books are not easily lost at school and things aren’t disappearing as fast with these personalized stamps for kids.


We also created a bunch of address stamps for kids for the times that you are sending correspondence on their behalf (or they are sending themselves!) This includes birthday party invitations and thank you notes, or letters to a pen pal.  Check out some of our latest favorites.  We have a princess crown stamp, a dinosaur, train, sailboat, ballet, and more great ones to choose from.


Head on over to check out all the personalized stamps for kids and be sure to let us know if you think we are missing a theme or occasion you’d like to see a stamp for! Visit the shop now!

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