Why We use Trodat

At Simply Stamps, we pride ourselves on having the largest selection of stamps anywhere so we partner with stamp industry leader, Trodat, to bring our customers over 30 different types of high-quality stamps for business and home use. They’re also our partner in providing us with the high-tech flatbed lasers used for engraving, marking and cutting a wide range of materials, allowing us to provide top notch and precise production of our personalized stamps. With Trotec lasers, we are able to achieve an unparalleled level of detail in our stamps giving our customers quality impressions.

Established in 1912, Trodat has over 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing stamp components and equipment, the majority of which are manufactured in Austria and distributed across the US with four distribution centers. Trodat itself has more than 30 international subsidiaries and employs over 1300 employees worldwide. Simply Stamps receives hundreds of Trodat stamps into our warehouse in any given week, and ship out them out to happy customers across the country.

For business use, Trodat supplies Simply Stamps with many different types of daters for creating forms, numbering machines, seals, mobile stamps and dozens of self-inking stamp sizes. They’re also the maker of the Ultimark and Royal Mark pre-inked stamps that deliver 50,000 crisp and clean impressions every single time. With our large assortment of Trodat stamps for business, there’s something for every office or workplace. They’re also the supplier of many of our corporate seals embossers.

For personal use, Trodat supplies Simply Stamps with a variety of self-inking stamps, including the Trodat Printy, the number one self-inking stamp in the world. The Printy is simple, clean and has an intuitive pad change, eliminating “dirty” fingers. It’s small, light-weight and modern design fits in with today’s technology. It’s eco-friendly, too! It’s a carbon neutral product manufactured with up to 65% post-consumer material so we feel good about selling this eco-friendly stamp! Simply Stamps has several Printy sizes available for our customers based on the design needs.

So whether it’s for business or home use, you can be sure that the Simply Stamps partnership with Trodat brings our customers the very best in the stamp industry. Find them all on Simply Stamps.com!

Shop all of Simply Stamps Trodat products at www.simplystamps.com/trodat


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