Why We Use Xstamper


At Simply Stamps, we are all about providing the largest selection of stamps possible which is why we are sure to carry many of the leading brands, including long-time industry leader, X-Stamper. X-Stamper is a premier brand name in pre-inked stamps and recognized for unsurpassed quality and innovation. We’re proud to bring our customers X-Stampers high-quality stamp products.

Our huge selection of X-Stamper stock stamps assist many businesses in getting the job easily and efficiently. Who says paper is dead? Plenty of offices and businesses still have a need for stamps like, “Filed”, “Paid”, “Faxed”, “Urgent”, “Copied”, “Completed”, “Past-Due”. Just look around and you will see! From medical offices to law firms, schools, government offices and more – these classic stamps are sure to accomplish many clerical tasks necessary. Simply Stamps is pleased to carry a huge selection of the stamps you need and best of all? They’re all ready to ship next business day.

In addition to stock office stamps, X-Stamper is also the maker of high-quality pre-inked stamps, which Simply Stamps can customize and personalize with your logos and information. These pre-inked stamps have a whopping ability to stamp 50,000 times! No other stamp can compare with that many impressions. These stamps are cost-effective as you might NEVER need a replacement.

Also pretty impressive about these X-Stamper stamps, you can re-ink the stamp from the top so your hands are kept clean. Available ink colors are black, blue, purple, green and we even have 2-colors as well. Add a little bit of color to whatever you are stamping with these options!

So when you are looking for a quality stamp impression with a stamper that will last the test of time – consider X-Stamper Stamps available here at Simply Stamps! Shop now at www.simplystamps.com/x-stamper.


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