Wedding Invitation Tips

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It’ll soon be wedding season – which means it’s time to start planning your dream wedding! With so many things to do before the big day, you may not even know where to begin, but we’re here to help. Designing and sending save the dates and wedding invitations doesn’t need to be overwhelming or difficult. We’ve broken down each component of your invitations to help simplify the process. For more in-depth answers to all of these questions and more, download our “Wedding Invitation Tips” resource article.

Save the Dates

This is your opportunity to get creative! While wedding invitations generally follow a specific format, save the dates can be quite literally anything you want them to be. It will be the very first thing your guests see, so let it reflect the theme of your wedding and your personalities. The only real rule to follow for your save the dates is: those who get a save the date MUST be invited to the wedding. Be sure your guest list is finalized before sending.

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Designing your Invitations

Whether you choose a cohesive look for your full invitation suite or let each individual piece stand out, let it reflect your style and personality. Wedding invitations always include:

  • A Host Line: who is inviting the guests
  • A Request Line: generally, “requesting the honor of your presence” or something similar
  • Bride and Groom lines: because that’s who the celebration is all about!
  • Date and Time: let your guests know when it will be
  • Location: let your guests know where it will be
  • R.S.V.P.: ask them to let you know if they’ll be celebrating with you

Addressing the Envelopes

Do your best to know how to properly address your guests. These days there are so many different circumstances to take into consideration. Is the guest single? Are they married? Do they have children? Are they a Doctor? Establish the answers to all of these questions before you begin addressing your envelopes. To see a full guide as to addressing your guests properly, download our “Wedding Invitation Tips” resource article.

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Stuffing the Envelopes

For many, the presentation of a wedding invitation is just as important as the design itself. Before you begin, make sure your area is clean. The printed side of your invitation and all of the inserts should be face up so when your guest opens the envelope, their name is visible. Before sealing the envelopes, double check the names on the inner envelope match the names on the outer envelope.

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Return Addresses

Your guests will typically send their R.S.V.P.s to the return address on the outer envelope, unless you indicate otherwise. They will also likely send their gifts to this same address. You can order a personalized, wedding-themed return address stamp from Simply Stamps to add an elegant touch to your envelopes and save yourself tons of time.


Once your invitations are in the mail, the official countdown begins! When the long list of things to accomplish before the big day becomes overwhelming, remember why you’re celebrating. Enjoy every moment of the planning process as it will be over before you know it and time to say “I do.”



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