16 Creative Party Ideas for Adults

The best part about throwing a party is undeniably celebrating whatever cause has brought all of your loved ones together, whether it’s a bachelorette party, going away or welcome back celebration, or 40th birthday. But in close second is the opportunity to let your creativity and DIY decoration ideas run wild! A party space is like a blank canvas you can fill with color and bring to life, sometimes you just need a little inspiration. We’ve compiled our favorite creative party planning ideas so you can throw a party your friends will talk about for years to come!

1. Décor

  • Get Krafty with PaperTablecloths

With kraft paper tablecloths, the creative opportunities are endless! Use paint markers to decorate it by hand, or if you don’t trust your artistic abilities (we won’t judge), use craft stamps to design a fun pattern.

  • Spell it Out with Statement Balloons

Huge, gold statement balloons are sure to instantly make the room or yard more festive! Add a fun, loud touch to your 30th birthday celebration, engagement party, or graduation festivities. 

  • All of the Lights

If you’ve chosen to throw your party in the evening, take the opportunity to get trendy with your lighting – from string lights to candles to LED balloons.

  • Personalize your Cocktail Napkins

Remind your guests what you’re celebrating any and every way you can! Adding the bride-and-groom-to-be’s names or a fun, trendy saying to the napkins are creative, affordable ways to dress up any plain napkin.

  • Cinema LightBoxes

Welcome your guests, making an announcement or feature your favorite quote. Cinema LightBoxes are sold in several sizes with a variety of different letters and symbols for lightboxes. They’re a fun, trendy way to get your message heard while also lighting up the party!

  • Date Yourself with a Photo Wall

Are you celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Write the number on a blank wall with photos and share memories with your guests. Add streamers or balloons around the pictures to make the wall even more festive.

  • Recycled Centerpieces

Start collecting old tin cans or wine bottles a month or so before your party. Use them for vases or candle holders to add a bohemian look to your tables.

2. Food & Beverages 

  • DIY Bar

Can’t afford to hire a bartender? No problem – set up a “do-it-yourself” bar with a couple different cocktail options for your guests to make their drinks themselves! Choose cocktails that reflect the theme of your party, and don’t forget the garnishes.

  • Catering on Wheels

Not the best cook? That’s okay, too! Call your favorite local food truck and ask them to cater your party. Just be sure there’s a place for them to park!

  • Creative Coolers

If you think about it, pretty much anything can keep your beverages cool for you and your guests. If you’re throwing an outdoor party, the possibilities are that much more. Fill a canoe, kiddy pool or wheelbarrow with ice and you’ll likely never run out of room!

  • Finger Food

From potato salad bites to mini corn dogs, mini caprese bites on a toothpick to crab cake hush puppies, finger food will allow your guests to mingle while they snack. Small bites will also encourage them to try more of the variety of food your party has to offer.

3. Keep it Fun

  • DIY Photo Booth

Encourage your guests to take pictures all night long with a fun-filled photo booth. Setting up your own photo booth doesn’t require a whole lot of work, just a little creativity and planning. Be sure to set up your booth in a space that won’t disrupt the flow of the party and don’t forget the props!

  • #BestPartyEver

Come up with a party hashtag, because you know there will be plenty of photos posted on social media from your awesome DIY photo booth! (Extra tip: personalizing your cocktail napkins with your party’s hashtag is a great way to let everyone know what it is.)

  • Plan your Tunes

This is arguably the most important thing you can do before your party. Whether you choose specific pre-made playlists or create your own, start the party off with mellow, happy music and pick up the momentum as the hours pass. Also, consider who your guests will be when choosing your tunes.

  • Mason Jar Post-Party Fun

Put together a treat in a mason jar for your guests as a parting gift! Whatever you choose, have fun with it! Attach a tag and add a sweet, or spicy, note with a customized rubber stamp.

Whether you’re going all out or planning on a budget, your party is sure to be one your friends and family won’t soon forget. Above all, have fun and be creative. We hope you’re inspired to take a few of these ideas and get started party planning!




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