How to Make a Happy Birthday Card by Jeanne

We all always need birthday cards, and lots of them for that matter! You never know when you’ll need to send one at the last minute, or in my case, when my not-so-crafty friends will be looking for a unique card. Today I’ll be sharing with you a project using this cute ‘Happy Birthday’ craft stamp found on Simply Stamps.

I’m going to show you just two fun ways to use this stamp, although I have a few other ideas running through my head! There’s so many creative ways you could use this stamp.

Happy Birthday Jeanne_Streiff

For the first version of this card, I started with the background. On a piece of white card stock, I used a simple watercolor technique with circles and splatters of green, blue, orange and a dark pink. Don’t worry about being too precise with this technique, the beauty of it is the random explosion of color!

1 Happy Birthday Jeanne_Streiff

Once the watercolor background was dry, I used black ink to stamp the ‘Happy Birthday’ sentiment on the center of the colorful design. Finally, I adhered it to a blue piece of card stock. How cute is that for a very simple card?

2 Happy Birthday Jeanne_Streiff

For the second version of this fun, birthday card, I added another layer for the balloons and banner. I quickly and easily made a wash background on watercolor paper using the same blue and green color featured above. I wet the watercolor paper to let the two colors bleed together.

3 Happy Birthday Jeanne_Streiff

Next, I stamped the Happy Birthday Balloons in black ink. I added highlights to the balloons with a white gel pen, then cut them out with scissors. I traced around the edges with a black marker to darken the details.

4 Happy Birthday Jeanne_Streiff

Next, I stamped the banner in black ink and cut that out as well.

5 Happy Birthday Jeanne_Streiff

Once the pieces were cut out, I layered them onto the card in the proper places. By adding these layers, the balloons seemed to really pop! This version is still very simple, but brightens up this card even more.

Whichever version of this card you choose, you’re sure to add cheer into someone’s special day!

6 Happy Birthday Jeanne_Streiff

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! See you next time!


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