How to Make a Fun Rooster Card by Jeanne

Hi everyone and thanks for joining us on Simply Stamps University!

Today I’ll be sharing a fun DIY greeting card project featuring this pretty Rooster craft stamp from Simply Stamps.┬áIf you’ve never checked out their craft stamps designed by Karmabee, you’re truly missing out! The intricate detail in these designs is unlike any other craft stamp I’ve seen. Check them out here! They’re sure to leave you inspired.

I paired this fun rooster stamp with a custom sentiment stamp I also ordered from Simply Stamps. The sentiment reads “Strut Your Stuff,” and the ability to create whatever sentiment I’d like is one of my favorite things about this site. You can design your own sentiment stamp here.

Strut Your Stuff Jeanne_Streiff

To begin making this pretty card, I used watercolors to paint a grassy area and sky. I left some white areas throughout the sky to give the illusion of clouds.

1 Strut Your Stuff 2 Jeanne_Streiff

I decided to also use the watercolors to create the rooster image, so I added some brown and green blobs, if you will, to a plain piece of paper.

1 Rooster Strut Your Stuff 2 Jeanne_Streiff

I gave the paper some time to dry, then stamped the rooster craft stamp onto the colored area with black ink.

2 Rooster Strut Your Stuff 2 Jeanne_Streiff

Using a white gel pen, I added some highlights to the rooster image. Next, I cut out the rooster using scissors, then traced around the edges with a black marker.

3 Rooster Strut Your Stuff 2 Jeanne_Streiff

I stamped the ‘Strut Your Stuff’ custom sentiment stamp onto a piece of paper, then added a banner with a black marker surrounding the phrase. I cut this out and adhered it at an angle to the sky, along with the rooster in the grassy area.

Strut Your Stuff 2 Jeanne_Streiff
Lastly, I adhered the designed card stock to a dark blue base, and my card was complete! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. See you next time!


~Jeanne of Inky Paws~

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