How to Make a Craft Supplies Holder by Jeanne

Hi everyone and welcome to Simply Stamps University! Jeanne here from Inky Paws, and I thought it would be fun to mix it up a little bit today. As craft-lovers, many of us have a variety of different tools we love to create with. Crafting is fun and therapeutic, and when you gift or sell your creations to others, you’re making someone else happy too! There are so pluses to crafting, but let’s be honest: your supplies can take up a lot of space if they aren’t organized properly. So for today’s tutorial, I decided to share a DIY supplies organizer perfect for your paint brushes, color pencils, markers and so much more. This holder could also be used in your office to brighten up your desk! Let’s get started.

Make Art Happen Jeanne_Streiff

I love to upcycle, so for this project I started with an old green beans can. Simply wash out the can, let it soak, remove the label and you’ve got a can that’s ready to be decorated! Choose a color of craft acrylic paint and add a couple coats to the can.

Make Art Happen c1 Jeanne_Streiff

While I let the can dry, I took a small piece of watercolor paper and began freely painting it with watercolor paints. My paper measured three inches, but adjust yours to the size that works best for your can. Once I felt the pattern was complete, I set it aside to dry.

Make Art Happen c2 Jeanne_Streiff

Once my watercolor strip was dry, I sponged the edges with brown ink. Next, I used a thick white glue to adhere it to the can. I used rubber bands to hold the paper in place while it dried.

Make Art Happen c3 Jeanne_Streiff

I created a white coordinating tag from a piece of card stock. I used the same water colors to add a little color to the card stock, then set it aside to dry.

Once the card stock was dry, I stamped my custom ‘#MAKEARTHAPPEN’ sentiment in black ink. I ordered this custom sentiment from Simply Stamps and thought it would be perfect for mixed media projects! You can create your own custom stamp here.

Make Art Happen c4 Jeanne_Streiff

Next, I cut the card stock into the shape of tag I wanted and added a border with a fine, black marker. I tied cording around the can and used it to attach the tag.

Make Art Happen c5 Jeanne_StreiffFor the final step, I added a button designed by The AG Studio. I thought this ‘Pretty In Pink’ button went perfectly with the color theme for my holder! I removed the pin back from the button and adhered it to the can using foam tape.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Whether you create this supplies holder exactly as I have, or find a unique way to make it your own, it’s definitely a fun way to organize your crafts! Thanks for stopping by today.


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