12 Ways to Shower Mom with Love this Mother’s Day

Finding the right way to show your Mom how grateful you are for her can be challenging. When you consider everything she’s done for you throughout your lifetime, nothing really seems like enough. But arguably the best part about Mothers is their unconditional love and endless gratitude for you. While you may never be able to give her all you believe she deserves (the entire world), with our loving Moms, it truly is the little things that count! So instead of trying to tie a pretty ribbon around the planet this Mother’s Day, here are 12 ways you can shower your Mom with love:

1. Serve her Breakfast in Bed

Turn off all of the alarms and let Mom sleep in for a change! While she’s sleeping in, you can prepare her breakfast in bed. Whether you’re the world’s best chef or order her favorite take out doesn’t matter, as long as her day begins with some extra z’s and breakfast already made.

2. Write her a Letter or Make her a Card

Take twenty or so minutes out of your day to put your feelings down on paper. Writing a letter for your Mom explaining how thankful you are and recalling memories is a treasure she’ll be able to hold on to forever. Feeling crafty? Take it a step further and make her a homemade greeting card.

3. Buy her Favorite Flowers or Plants

Just about every Mom has their favorite flowers or plants! If you know exactly which ones they are, surprise her by leaving a bundle on the kitchen counter or her favorite plant on the front porch.

4. Frame her Favorite Picture

Chances are she has tons of favorite pictures! So choose the one of the two of you or the whole family and put it in a pretty frame. Every time she glances at it in the morning on her bed side table or on her desk at work, the memories will fill her with happiness. Take it a step further and design a custom photo easel here.

5. Plan a Picnic

Instead of dining at a noisy, pricey restaurant, pack a blanket and an easy lunch and take her to her favorite park! Spend some quality time enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

6. Have a Movie Marathon 

Pop some popcorn or get her favorite candy and curl up on the couch to watch her favorite movies together. Watching her favorite rom-coms or thrillers will make her happy, but having your company will make it that much better.

7. Turn her Favorite Meal, Snack or Dessert into a Spread

It could be cheese and crackers, ice cream or even sushi. Gather everything you’ll need to make her favorite indulgence, do all the prep work and set it out on the kitchen table, coffee table, etc. Chat about life while you put together and enjoy her favorite treat!

8. Have a Spa Day

If you’re able to, treat your Mom to a mani/pedi or a facial at your favorite local spa. If that’s not in your price range, you can spend the day pampering each other and have just as much fun. Look up recipes for homemade face masks and get all of her favorite nail polish colors ready!

9. Visit a Museum

Does your Mom love history, science or art? Find a local museum you think she’ll enjoy and spend the day wandering through a unique space. You’ll learn something educational, but also a thing or two about one another.

10. Have a Game Night

Bring back the good old-fashioned game night this Mother’s Day! Dust off the Game of Life, Monopoly or even Twister and revisit childhood memories with your Mom and the whole family.

11. Take a Yoga or Pilates Class

Depending on your style, choose a group exercise class you’ll both enjoy and spend some time getting active. Yoga and Pilates are both very relaxing ways of exercising that will be great for both you and Mom’s mind, body and spirit.12. Give her a Personalized Gift

Find the perfect gift for your Mom, then personalize it! Simply Stamps has an array of gifts perfect for Moms of all styles, from desk plates to custom cutting boards, luggage tags to SIC cups.

  1.  Jarin de Paris Memoir Notebook
  2.  Andrews Hand  Address Stamp
  3. Custom Owl Baby Announcement Craft Stamp
  4. Fancy Monogram Personalized SIC Cup
  5. But First, Coffee Mug
  6. World’s Best Mom Desk Plate
  7. Vintage Floral Initials Luggage Tag
  8. Mom’s Kitchen Cutting Board 

There are so many things you can do to show your Mom how thankful you are this Mother’s Day! The truth is, your Mom already believes you’ve given her the world just by being her child, so whether you buy her the perfect gift or just spend the day with her, she’ll definitely feel the love.


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