Memorial Day Initiative

Memorial Day is a day to grill great food in the beautiful summer weather surrounded by friends and family. But before we enjoy our holiday-inspired cocktails and burgers cooked to perfection, it’s important we take time to remember what this Monday off is all about: honoring the troops who fought selflessly for our freedom. That’s why this Memorial Day we’ll be collecting donations and letters to send overseas to our soldiers to remind them how thankful we are.

We’ve asked all the employees of our roughly 70 person strong small business to spend a few dollars on something or simply write a letter to put a smile on the soldiers’ faces. Whether it’s something as small as a bag of beef jerky or a meaningful handwritten thank you card, we hope to make them feel a little closer to home this Memorial Day. Donations and letters will be collected until Thursday, May 25th.

We invite our local customers and followers to participate by dropping any donations off at our Jacksonville, FL. location at 2021 St. Augustine Rd. E. To those spread far and wide throughout the country, you can also contribute. Care packages can be sent to Support Our Troops at the below address and they will ensure they make it to our troops.

Support Our Troops

13791 N. Nebraska Ave.

Tampa, FL 33613

Support Our Troops asks all senders to include your name, address and phone number on the outside of each box in case you need to be contacted. It’s also encouraged to include a photo of yourself, family, company, etc. so the soldiers can see who the packages are coming from! If you have any further questions, visit their website here.

To encourage your participation, we’ll be giving away some Memorial Day-inspired summer swag to one randomly chosen participant! Simply share your donations and letters with us by posting a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tagging Simply Stamps. All pictured donations will be considered an entry because we know the smallest things can have just as big of an impact!

We thank you in advance for your contributions and your desire to make a difference! Our gratitude goes out to all of our soldiers, fallen, retired and current. Cheers to an unforgettable Memorial Day weekend in their honor.


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