Creative Ways to Use your Custom Embosser

The art of embossing is a timeless classic. The earliest forms of embossing date back to the 15th century and modern methods are still widely used for business and personal use today. It’s a simple yet elegant way to make your paper that much more sophisticated, whether you’re marking an official document or personalizing your wedding invitations.

The raised impressions are made using pressure and a custom insert created from delrin, a hard, black, plastic material. Your custom logo, personal initials, monogram or custom mark can be lasered into the delrin, creating a custom insert for your embosser. This insert can be replaced again and again so you never have to worry about replacing the body of your embosser.

Embossing is relatively easy, but here are a few simple tips from the professionals:

  • Embossers are designed to emboss one sheet of paper at a time. Embossing multiple pages at one time will result in poor impressions.
  • Always check to be sure your insert is seated properly before you use your embosser. The insert can bend and be damaged when not in the right position.
  • The more pressure you use the better your impression will be.

While the most commonly known use for embossing is to mark official documents, there are tons of creative ways to use a custom embosser. Customize your insert with your business’ logo and create your own letterhead, stationery or business letters. This is a great way to brand your business both professionally and elegantly.

You can also use your embosser to mark your personal stationery. Why stop at your return address stamp? Emboss your monogram or initials into greeting cards and envelopes to make your correspondence that much more beautiful.

One of the most popular creative uses for embossing is with wedding stationery. There’s no time more perfect to use a custom embosser than your wedding announcements, invitations and thank you cards. You can even use it to mark your menu and napkins to show a truly cohesive look throughout your wedding’s paper products.

Embossers are also a unique way to mark your original artwork. Whether you are a graphic designer who creates original print pieces or a creative writer who loves writing poetry, “sign” your art with a custom embosser so the world will forever know who it belongs to.

Luxury desktop embossers are a statement piece that not only serves in a variety of functional ways but can also decorate your office space. Creating an office space you’re happy to spend time in is important, especially since the majority of your day is often spent there. Add an elegant touch to your business and personal stationery as well as your desktop with a beautiful luxury embosser.

Best of all, embossers are an heirloom item as they can last a lifetime. This statement piece is something you can pass down from generation to generation. Whether your custom embosser has an insert featuring your family name or you choose to replace the insert from time to time, this classic item is something you, your children, and your grandchildren can use for many years to come.

Embossers can be used for a variety of uses from business to personal, from official to creative, but one thing remains true no matter how you choose to use your embosser: it adds elegance and sophistication to your paper. Find our all new luxury desktop embossers on Simply Stamps and dress up your stationery while also adding a statement piece to your desk.


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