How to Make a Teacher Gift by Laura

Hey guys! My name is Laura and I’ll be bringing you fun craft tutorials over the next six months. I’m so excited to be apart of the Simply Stamps design team and show you all of the ways you can create with their huge selection of stamps. Today I’m sharing with you a project perfect for back-to-school! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your children’s new teachers, see how I created this decorated clipboard they’ll be able to use all year long.

One of my favorite things about this project was how simple it was so make and how little of supplies I needed! Here’s what I used:

Now that we’ve got all of our supplies together, let’s get started!

1. Before I did anything else, I took a damp paper towel and wiped down my clipboard. I wanted to be sure it was free of any dust or debris before I started stamping.2. Next, I took my pencil craft stamp and ink pad and stamped my first pencil in the bottom left corner. You can choose a different place to begin if you’d like, just be sure you do so with somewhat of a strategy in mind. I continued stamping the other pencils onto the clipboard, angling them in different directions and letting some of them trail off of the board to create a randomized pattern.

3. After you’re finishing stamping, let the impressions dry for at least a few hours. I left my clipboard to dry overnight, which may not have been completely necessary, but that way I knew they were definitely dry.

4.,Next, I took a light pink marker and colored in all of the erasers. I then used a grey marker to fill in the metal band just below the erasers and a tan marker to color in the wooden piece next to the lead tip.

5. I chose three colored markers to fill in the remaining area in the pencil, yellow, blue and green. I tried to alternate the colors strategically so there was a good mix of alternating colors, but if you end up with two of the same-colored pencils next to one another it’s not a big deal!

6. I set the clipboard aside to dry for a few hours.

7. Finally, I took a matching piece of scrap ribbon and tied it into a bow, then adhered it to the top of the clipboard.

I loved the way adding color to the pencil impressions made them ready pop off of the clipboard! This colorful yet simple project was so easy to make and will be the perfect gift for a teacher this upcoming school year. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial! Come back and visit us soon!

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