How to Request a Proof for your Personalized Product

At Simply Stamps, we love everything personalized! Our family of small businesses, also including Holmes Custom, Name Tag Wizard and Custom Signs, specializes in producing custom products made just for you. We know there’s something special about adding your family’s name or company’s logo to a product and we love to be the people who can make that happen. But when you’re ordering something personalized, it’s always exciting and reassuring to see a preview of what the final product will look like. While on-site, real-time product proofs are on our horizon, we aren’t quite there yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see what your product will look like before we make it! Today we’re sharing with you how to request a proof, what our Customer Focus Team will do to create it for you, and how quickly we’ll make your product once it’s been approved.

When ordering your stamp or any other personalized product, requesting a proof is easy! After you’ve added all of the information necessary to customize your product and your cart is complete, you will click the orange “Secure Checkout” button. You will then find yourself on the checkout page where you will fill out your shipping and payment information. At the bottom of the page, there will be a “Comments for your order” box where you are able to indicate you would like to receive a proof before your product is made. Simply write “please send proof” in the box.

Once our Customer Focus Team receives the order, they will add any artwork submitted and custom information into the template and resize it to the appropriate proportion. You can expect to receive your proof via email within one business day. If you would like any adjustments made to your product you can communicate that to us and we will be happy to alter it until you are 100% satisfied. After you’ve approved your proof, your product will go into production the following business day. Please note: your order will not be sent into production until you have approved your proof.

Since we produce all of our products here in house, we’re able to make and ship everything to you much faster than our competitors. It’s also important to note, requesting a proof and the number of revisions requested will delay how quickly you receive your product. How quickly the proof is approved will correspond directly with how quickly you receive your product. If you are ordering a product you need by a specific date, be sure to consider your shipping method to ensure you will receive it in time.

Whether we’re making a return address stamp for your business or a craft stamp for your DIY wedding decor, our goal will always be to make a product our customers will love. We will always do everything we can to make a product exactly the way you envisioned it. Order your personalized products today at Simply Stamps!


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