How to Brand your Small Business

Here in America, we’re given endless opportunities to follow our dreams. Whether you aspire to own an art studio or design clothes, you have the freedom to reach for your goals. But with so much opportunity for all comes competition. With 28.8 million small businesses in the United States, how do you make yours stand apart? The answer is simple: branding. But turning your dream business into a cohesive, memorable brand isn’t as simple. It requires a lot of well-thought-out planning and decision-making, so today we’re sharing with you the steps to creating your own brand empire.

Step #1: Identify Who You Are

What is your specialty? It all begins with knowing what your product is, who your ideal customers are, and how you want to make them feel.

Step #2: Find your Brand Style

When it comes time to define your brand style, the creative opportunities are endless. Once you’ve decided how you want you customers to feel about your product, choose a color palette that drives those emotions. Also consider what pattern elements and images you want to use.

After you’ve chosen your color palette and other design elements, it’s time to design your logo. Great, effective logos are simple and memorable. Find other characteristics of strong logos here.

Step #3: Stand Out from the Crowd

Determine what makes you different, and how you’ll convey that to your customers.

Step #4: Provide Value

What can you give your future customers BEFORE you ask them to support your brand and your products? Maybe it’s starting a blog, or supporting your local community.

Step #5: Be Relatable

Be human. Be transparent. Show who you really are, and let your customers love you and your brand for being authentically you.

Step #6: Be Consistent

Know who you are and what your brand represents. Stand by your messaging, and you’ll earn consumers’ trust.

Step #7: Own your Brand

Represent your brand every opportunity you get. Each paper coffee cup, cocktail napkin or bakery box is an opportunity to spread the word about your brand.

Start-ups often don’t have the budget for branded products, but there are affordable alternatives. A custom logo stamp is a great way to affordably brand your small business. Your purchase of one stamp can brand your whole business, whether you use it to make company letterhead for events or paper products for your restaurant.

While it’s important to recognize that the Googles and Apples of the world were not made over night, they are also proof that a solid brand strategy is the secret to success. Establish your goals, stand by them firmly, and strive to reach them every day. For more information on branding your small business, check out this article on the Simply Stamps Resource Center.

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